Today’s Clean Eat – Sugar Detox

I decided to go on a sugar detox following all the recent articles on how much sugar we as a nation consume! It was phenomenal reading about all the sugar that is out there.


Big celebs are advocating it such as the new couple Millie and Professor Green.

 millie and prof

I have been working out loads recently and wondering why my hours were not paying off – as they say its 80% nutrition and 20% exercise…

So lets get down to business – the detox

For three days no sugar:

  • no fruit
  • no wheat
  • no grains
  • no dairy
  • no sugar
  • no sweetener
  • no starchy carbs
  • no carbs

So to make it a little easier instead of listing what I can’t have I will list what you can

  • Protein
  • Good fat
  • protein and fat

Here is my meal plan for the 3 days

Breakfast: Two boiled eggs

Snack: M&S crispy bacon slices – 55g

Lunch: Itsu Chicken “low carb” on a bed salad

Snack: 100g of Smoked Salmon

Dinner: 150g of any meat or fish with cup of dark green veg

Drinks: Green Tea, Water, Fruit Tea, Lemon in hot water, Lime in Sparkling water

By the way – the above meals total to 1300 calories! I am hoping by the end of the detox my body will go in to Keytosis – which is where is burns fat for energy rather than glycogen (as there is no glycogen there).

Negatives of the sugar detox

  1. Seeing friends for dinner – you get weird looks
  2. 2pm in the afternoon – the haze/ brain fog
  3. When someone eats an orange next to you and it smells like someone orgasm’d in your nose
  4. Office temptations

Benefits of the sugar detox

  1. Sleep amazingly well
  3. No cravings “ohh I really want a piece of chocolate”
  4. After meals you are totally full
  5. If something is going to burn my fat for energy – crack on
  6. You get to eat a lot of meat – yum yum yum

I think I am going to extend my detox to a week and then after a week swap some of the “meat” snacks for blueberries or celery and hummus and incorporate more greens in my evening meals

Wish me luck – and any questions please ask!

before and after

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