The Importance of Micro Goals


We are drawing to the end of January. January the time for new years resolutions. Big Goals like “Save Money” “Lose Weight” “Be Healthy” are thrown around… yet people forget how profound the small little goal is.

Save Money – How?
Are you just going to retire your bank card?

Lose Weight – How?
Stop eating?

Be Healthy – How?
Spend your life savings on every healthy eating fad out this 2016

Today I sat at an event hosted by Green for All Seasons founder Victoria who discussed with her panelists the concept of micro-goals and how they help us achieve the small goals for big wins


Victoria the founder of Green for All Seasons started off with some of her advice. Her website advocates introducing the green way of life. For example: replacing your skincare products for organic and natural products. She scared us by saying an alarming 11% of products out of the 10,000+ deemed safe for use by humans have actually been tested. Now this may ring alarm bells (as it did with me) but she said…and this is the important bit… Start to change your products to the green version but do it step by step. When one runs out – replace it with a greener product. By doing this micro-goal you are making the small changes without drastically changing anything.

Are you starting to see the logic?


(beautiful nibbles from Green for All Seasons)

We then moved on to the delightful Chessie King 

She is such a positive ball of light – saying that her attitude to health is her attitude to happy.
Its how it makes her feel – no pressure – no force – just what makes her smile

“Take yourself of an adventure everyday”
Instead of seeing exercise as a chore – on your lunch break get up and explore your surroundings… what’s down that alley, whats behind that door – get out and explore.

This small micro goal turns a Big Goal like LOSE WEIGHT or EXERCISE MORE into a small achievable fun thing that you and a colleague could do everyday

 My colleague and I adventure ended up walking into a make up store and trying on the latest matte lipstick (gaining 3000 steps in the process!)


(YSL – lipstick)

Chris Sandel (author or The Health Trap) spoke next

Chris spoke passionately that health and wellbeing is about looking at the person in front of you. No one person is the same. Something that one person swears by may not be what works for someone else. Small wins that make you feel great is what is important.

Keeping your micro goals personal

Dana Elemara the founder of the brand arganic – specialising in 100% pure argan oil.

Raised in a healthy mediterranean household: she never realised how healthy her food was as it was abundant.

Her mother would fill her plate full of colours and only use good meat.

She was very passionate about her cause: She inspired me to really think about what I put in my body.

“It doesn’t have to hard to be healthy”

Her micro-goals are ones that I am pinching

Always eat colourful foods



Finally we met Ed Foy one of the founders of PRESS


This hyper-active passionate individual spoke of his life changing moment of experiencing meditation.

He was miserable even though his life was happy and full of healthy products

By taking 15 minutes a day to meditate: it game changed his view on life.

“Happiness is chemistry not circumstance”

“Giving time is the only way to achieve anything”

You can spend all day thinking about being healthy, doing more exercise, practising meditation, and engaging with the ones you love but until you give them time – the thoughts are redundant.

So to conclude this wonderful talk.

You can have many different goals in life but until you break them down into small bite-size steps – you are just going to stress yourself out and worse… feel like a failure.

If Eating Healthy is your goal start by something small…
“I will have an apple instead of crisps with lunch”

If Exercise More is your goal start with something small…
“I will walk to work”
“Take the stairs”
“Get 10,000 steps a day”

Don’t make your life any harder than it needs to be. Start small to make big wins

Throughout this talk we sipped on Tea by the amazing PositiviTea

Who provide teas that invoke your chakras and focus on the nurture your body may need.

For all those people running around stressed in the office or at home… find your perfect tea to re-engage and let go.


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    January 27, 2016 at 7:41 am

    This was so insightful and has made me reconsider my big and often u achievable goals and breaking them down into manageable little ones! Also – those chakra teas look AMAZING! I’m going to invest some love back into myself today!

    Much love to you Miss Charlesworth! Xx

    • Reply
      Cyntra Charlesworth
      January 29, 2016 at 3:00 pm

      Thank you Rachel – really appreciate the comment.
      Everything in life is manageable if you break them down into little steps. Like when you learn to walk as a child.
      Sending you vibes

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