5 ways to get the Best Start to your Day

As we come into the Autumn the mornings are getting darker, wetter and cooler. This means snuggling up in the duvet is a far better option that hopping out of bed for some sunrise yoga.

Here is my Morning Routine for starting the morning as I mean to go on.

  1. Lemon Water and Water: When you have been asleep for 8 hours your body is doing amazing things to digest, push all toxins out, and generally organise the body. It can be a little de-hydrating. Therefore upon rising – having a large glass of filtered water to flush through is a great way to get the engine going. As your body starts to adjust and wake up… popping on the kettle and making a Hot Lemon Water.Hot Lemon Water is an alkalising drink which initiates the digestive system and keep acidity levels of the body right.
  2.  Workout: Morning is the best time to workout in my eyes. It gets the blood pumping, the muscles moving and encourages those endorphins. Its a quiet time to reflect but also a great time to do some fasted HIIT. My boyfriend an I try to hit the gym 6.45am before work. This means the evening is free to socialise, hang out, have an early night or just have a lazy evening. Before 9 am you are up, awake, burnt some calories and ready to go!
  3. Eggs and Green Smoothie: Protein and Fat make up two parts of the perfect breakfast. Eggs are by far my favourite breakfast! I will take them anyway they are given to me (preferably on rye toast, with smoked salmon and poached with a little black pepper fyi) Green Smoothies also feature highly on my morning agenda! If you can cram in at least 2-3 of your 7-a-day before you’ve left the house your whole body will get the nutrients and vitamins it needs to keep you healthy and nourished. If you can get into the habit of waking up, hydrating, exercising and then replenishing with protein and veggies – you will see great results in my body as well as your mind. A healthy body leads to a happy soul.
  4. Body Brushing: This is my new favourite thing to do. Your skin is the largest organ and is responsible for a whole host of jobs. One of these is lymphatic draining. Below is a map on the direction you should body brush in order to assist your skin in this drainage. When you dry brush your skin you help the body remove toxins, it also assists in the production of a natural skin oil, getting rid of cellulite, helps make your immune system stronger and tones the skin… need any more reasons!
    (I use The Body Shop body brush – the natural fibres suit me)
  5. Moisturise with Coconut Oil: Coconut Oil features in nearly all parts of my day – I cannot get enough of the stuff! But putting it all over my body has definitely improved my skin. I used to get quite dry shins and always feel a little tight. Moisturising with coconut oil means not only do I smell like a tropical island but my skin is silky and supple all day long. Try it… pop a tub in your bathroom (I use Vita Coco or Lucy Bee) and when you’re done in the shower – grab a bit – warm it in your hand and put on your wet skin. You will be dry in no time at all!


So there you have it! My morning routine! Let me know if you try it out! Comment below!


Products Used:

Body Shop Body Brush  – Coconut Oil – Lucy Bee
or Vita Coco


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