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Life is full of stress. From the moment we wake up BOOM goes our alarm we are on edge throughout the day. If you live in a city you have to deal with noise, traffic, people, coffee, work, meetings, exercise, emails, telephone calls… the list goes on.

Finding daily ways to calm yourself to keep stress at bay is imperative to make sure you keep balanced. Having an internal toolkit to help you bring your levels back to Zen is key to remaining calm in all situations.

Your senses are key to calmness and clarity. Think about when you visit home and the smell of your mum – that relaxation it sends through you. When you taste that herb that takes you back to when you first tried it. The feeling of your favourite sweater soft against your skin. Your senses can transport you to a place of calm and it is this technique that I want to share with you today.


I recently received my beautiful blend from Clarified Designs. An elixir of essential oils in a beautiful necklace to help balance me out. The smell is divine and provides the reminder to take a few minutes in stressful times to stop and effectively smell the flowers.

I wanted to find out more about this wonderful company so I got in contact with their founders to find out more about this inspiring idea.

When was Clarified Designs Founded?

Clarified Designs was founded in our (Rachel and Francesca) joint household in Brisbane August 2015

What was the inspiration behind its creation?

Rachel first introduced me (Francesca) to essential oils in 2014 when we met.

It was about September 2015, where I started becoming more aware of the spiritual and magical properties of the oils while reading at work. (Francesca)

I came home to Rachel explaining how the vibration of oils worked just like crystals, except we could interact with them on a different level (smell) which made them so much more present and permeating to me. I told her how wonderful it would be to wear the oils all day! She had tiny little bottles in her room which she had bought at a craft store a few weeks ago because she thought they were cute!

Coincidence or alignment?

From there the idea was born, we started wearing necklaces and all our friends and family around us wanted to wear them as well!

What attracted you to essential oils?

For both of us it is definitely the luxury of smelling such a potent plant oil. I felt instantly better when I smelt the right oils, and I think on a soul level, I always knew how magical they were.

Essential oils are such a gentle and instantaneous way to soothe your soul, mind and emotions, let alone all their physical benefits as well

Which oil is your favourite?

Francesca: Rose, because I feel she is the queen of all essential oils. She balances a woman’s entire reproductive system, soothes her heart, and instils her with passion, love, patience and elegance.

Rachel: Geranium, because it is extremely balancing and smells floral and herbaceous at the same time.

Internally it calms me down and allows me to embrace everything with positivity.

How important are essential oils for young women in stressful jobs? 

We would say that essential oils have a lot to bring women in stressful jobs.

Not only can they calm the central nervous system, they can help a young woman come to understand her true nature, desires and life purpose.

They will fuel her fire, increase drive, motivation and desire to attain fulfilment.

What blend would you recommend for those trying to balance work stress and life stress?

We could recommend our Shakti blend
This is designed to balance all energies in our body.

Including masculine/feminine energies, hormonal system, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies. The Shakti blend calls on the divine masculine and feminine to achieve balance within the body. If you are feeling stagnant or lacking direction the vibrational qualities of the oils in this blend will attract inspiration, movement and energy to you. This blend will help your body listen to its own truth, for without balance we are unable to live to our full potential.

The blend includes the Certified Organic Oils of Atlas Cedarwood, Cypress, Eucalyptus, Geranium and Clary Sage.

It has an incredibly refreshing scent likened to the natural scents of the forest and the earth. Balance yourself with this blend to achieve holistic equilibrium.


What advice would you give to people new to essential oils?

First of all it would be to follow your nose.

Head into a trusted aromatherapy company and let your nose lead you to your very first essential oil or blend.

Next step would be to read about how that oil and blend affects you to see if it correlates with what you need in your life.

Letting your intuition guide you to oils can be an amazing experience.

Essential oils are an excellent and non-invasive way of treating physical symptoms, altering your mood and lifting your spirits.

Head on over to their Clarified Designs for any questions you may have about their blends. They now ship across the world so you can order your own personalised blend to bring some balance into your day to day lives.

I keep mine loose around my neck in order that I can bring it out and Zen whenever the weight of the world gets too much. Cute, simple and effective.


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