Healthy Easter Bunnies

Healthy Easter Bunnies

Easter is just around the corner and it is time to celebrate the end of lent and meet up with family. Easter weekend is the perfect weekend to spend with family and celebrate life but it is also the weekend that is also full of naughtiness with chocolate coming up to the eyeballs.

This year I am going to do something different.

Instead of chocolate, I am looking into healthy alternatives which are equally as indulgent.

So after some investigation I have selected two perfect alternatives:



Tabitha James Kraan



Bloomon cut out the middlemen, delivering straight from the grower to your home, in utterly modern, straight-to-vase arrangements.

They launched their flower delivery subscription service to London on the 4th February 2016. Spreading beautiful and unique flowers to us Londoners.

Bloomon began life in their hometown of Amsterdam, in the heartland of the flower-connoisseur. By using their own growers, Bloomon carefully select the best quality of flowers, they then use their own drivers to deliver fresher flowers that last longer.

Bloomon have created a delightful subscription where you can get these beautiful and original flowers delivered to your house without the hassle of sourcing them yourself. You can also order gorgeous vases that display the flowers magnificently. If you’re a flower lover like me then this is a no brainer. Each delivery is different and unique.

I just adore my blooming Bloomon Flowers.


Tabitha James Kraan

Tabitha James Kraan is a wonderful organic haircare brand that treats your hair with the natural love that it needs.

Her products span from haircare to skincare.

The products are designed to treat your hair with organic products – eliminating the chemicals you find in mainstream products. This helps keep the natural equilibrium of your hair and keep your locks luscious.

Their range is perfect for gym bunny’s as they have an amazing dry shampoo and hair perfume designed to keep your hair looking and feeling fresh – eliminating the need to wash it as often.

Believe or not – your hair is happier un-washed!

These products and gift sets are the perfect way to spread the love in the family – for both men and women. Tried and tested the hair oil transforms even the most prickly of beards into a soft and kissable chin.

Check out their gift sets on

Big smiles from my locks!


Easter doesn’t need to be the time you fill up on calories and spend huge amounts on chocolate. Do something different. Be original. Buy a lasting gift that puts a smile on someones face longer than chocolate does.

Or…treat yourself… spends the pounds you’ve saved on a treat for you.

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