Todays Workout – Ab Workout

This year I have been really focusing on getting my body into shape. I turn 25 mid this year so the time is now for me to transform to be the best woman I can be.

Abs are one area that really can make or break a bikini situation. For women they are one of the toughest areas as we carry fat on our stomachs for when we are ready for babies.

To get a flat stomach it is a combination of two factors: Nutrition and Exercise.

If you have weight to lose HIIT exercises combined with strength will help you lose the excess weight.

Once you get lower – ab exercises do help define your stomach.

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When I first started working on my abs I used to do this ab exercise in the morning to get myself going 8 Minute Abs

It only takes 8 minutes and it truly does work. You can get the app for both ipad and iphone too


This is my progress pic to date. This progress is due to gym classes and working out but the video is one of the best ways to get started

Hope this helps xx


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