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The Handbag Essential

A simple handbag essential to keep me feeling on top till I drop

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The HandBag

I don’t know about you but sometimes I feel like I become the ‘bag lady’ when I choose to add anything to my schedule other than just work. You know that person who tries to squeeze on the tube loaded with bags crashing into the other poor commuters who just wanted a easy and quiet journey.

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I plan my outfit to look sharp and savvy and pick out the perfect handbag and then all of sudden I realise I want to hit the gym and bring my lunch to work and all of a sudden I start looking like a donkey (an ass!) loaded with bags killing the #girlboss vibe I was after.

Until now… Enter the Gymtote… the Handbag that everyone is talking about.

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The perfectly designed number has a slot for your sneakers, your gym clothes and your daily essentials.

You can slide your lunch into one compartment keeping it away from your clothes. The delegate compartments mean you can keep work and play separate and not end up pulling out your sports bra in a meeting instead of your note pad!

You can mix this up for an overnight bag when staying with the mister or a change of clothes if you’re heading out after work.

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I personally love the slick designs and it sits nicely between my other handbags without giving it away.

My favourite is the Eva: what’s yours?

Check out the story behind the bag at Gymtote.

There you have it – my top hand bag essential to keep me in #onpoint and on top!

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