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Eat Beautiful

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Eat Beautiful? What does that mean?

Well…Wendy Rowe in her new book tries to explain just that! There has been a shift recently away from looking into what’s scientifically proven to make your skin look younger using the most modern chemicals to looking inside your kitchen cupboards to go back to basics to nourish your body with the right ingredients found in your Kitchen.

Wendy Rowe is an international make-up artist and advisor to the stars. When you look into the women she works with; namely Sienna Miller and Victoria Beckham, you can see she has a high profile portfolio of women we all know and love.

Right, I needed this book. I wanted to know what the tricks are because I don’t know about you but as I hit my mid-late 20s my skin is becoming my most important accessory!


Each chapter starts with Wendy’s top tips for that season starting with Spring. She touches on the elements you should start to think about when addressing a spring clean. The new skincare routine: to exfoliate out the dead winter skin cells and brighten for spring

The new skincare routine: to exfoliate out the dead winter skin cells and brighten for Spring season. She reminds us that now is the time to dust off the winter layers and start to rekindle the idea of the dreaded bikini body season. Finally, she lists the types of food which will boost the skin and your body in that season. Focussing on less heavy and rich meals.



Summer is the season of hydration! As we enter the longer days with more sunshine it is important to nourish your skin with more water. Wendy recommends “eating your water” as well as drinking it; introducing more salads a high water content food.

She lists out a number of food ingredients which add an extra layer of defence to help the body protect against the sun. Vitamins and foods which support you in fighting against dangerous UVB and ageing UVA.







Our current season. This chapter is loaded with delicious recipes using seasonal vegetables such as pumpkin, walnuts and kale.

Bright colours, darker days and cooler weather; Rowe suggest this is the season to get to bed earlier, exercise every day, meditate and not to eat too late.

For you skin; you need to think about hydrating with lots of good fat. I personally top up on avocados and argan oils in this season to keep my skin looking plump





Ohhh the hibernating season. I don’t know about you but I do find something magical about the dark days and all the beautiful layers you can wear. This is the season for short brisk walks in the cold to keep the blood pumping. Filling your body full of hot broths such as bone broths and vegetable soups to boost your vitamins and loading your plate with protecting and health boosting foods to stave off colds.

Dry brushing your skin and encouraging circulation mean that your body doesn’t get dull and dry with the constant movement from central heating to the cooler air.


Throughout the body, Wendy gives her top tips for your skin routine. From addressing different issues your skin may be facing to introducing a new plan to your daily routine to make sure you naturally grow through the years.

The only thing I wish there was more of in the book was perhaps meal plans for the different seasons. However, Rowe may have deliberately done this to show us all there is no rule book when it comes to everyone’s routine. You need to find what works for you and keep it as natural and seasonal as possible.

Would I recommend this book? Yes

The more we can all learn about using fewer chemicals on our skin and eating right to achieve our beauty goals the better. We need to educate ourselves and stay true especially in a world that is constantly advocating the next miracle cream.

 Stay Natural – Eat Beautiful

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