Freezing Fitness Friday

As a working girl it is HARD  to get in a gym session every day of the week. We are supposed to walk on average 10,000 steps a day – if you have a pedometer this is actually quite a lot! (and anyone who works outside of London who is not forced to use public transport – even more so!)

I am a huge fan of incorporating exercise into your daily lifestyle and part of this I have swapped my tube ride to work – with a walk.


My commute is 4 miles (including stopping into carter lane coffee house to see my Italian friends – who make the best coffee in St.Pauls) – and that has given me a 300 calorie deficit before I have barely even switched on!

Yes it is freezing but the fresh air combined with the sunshine – it  becomes a winning combination. I listen to TED radio hour (perfect timing for my walk). I make sure I have my sunnies, ear warmth and a decent pair of gloves 🙂3

It saves on the money, its saves on the frustration and it also saves being stuck under someone’s armpit for the morning commute – definitely not the best way to start the day!

So go on – get up – whack on some good walking shoes/trainers and march that booty to work – get your 10,000 steps, healthy glow, peace of mind and save those pennies!


This Winter the Parka is BACK! From low price range to the highest you can find the perfect number to keep you toastie on your walk to work! Especially those neck’s and ears!

Head to Zara, ASOS and Uniqlo – who have some perfect styles for this season.

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