Juice Cleanse – Overview Day 2

6am Woke Up: I slept like a baby – really the best sleep I have had in a long time. I felt cosy, warm and naturally sleepy something which doesn’t come to me easily. Quite often I am a light sleeper and it takes me a while to get to bed. As I sat downstairs watching tv the night before my body was telling me its time for the land of nod…first 8 hours on a school night in a while!

6.45-7.45am Hot Yoga –  The session was HOT again! The class was full and the poses and we were doing Yoga Flow which means not many breaks and vinyasa between each pose. I left 5 minutes before the end of the class as I was a tired and didn’t want to over exert myself

8.15 Shot of Ginger and Apple – Delicious and welcomed. The staff at yogahaven are so wonderful and warming that they really set me up for the day

red glo

9.30 Breakfast Smoothie: Glo Beet Smoothie: This is made of apple, carrot, beetroot, berries and flaxseed oil. This delicious smoothie (pictured) is one of my favourites – sweet and savoury and full of goodness. Flaxseed is a wonder food and is a great addition to the morning smoothie

Flaxseed oil also helps to:

  • Reduce the risk of cancer.
  • Aid in the growth of healthy hair and nails.
  • Promote healthy skin.
  • Reduce menopause symptoms.
  • Play a role in burning body fat.

1pm Brunch Juice: Parsnip Punch: This is made up of apple, pear, parsnip and lime. My colleague at work held up my brunch juice and I was starting to feel very weak. This juice was BROWN – looked foul but tasted wonderful. I let a couple of my colleagues try it as they couldn’t fathom that something so odd looking could be so nice.

3.30pm:  Feeling the fuzz – losing concentration, lack of emotion and focus. I found myself feeling the need to smoke – which was weird as I haven’t been a smoker for your years. I am hoping that this may have been some toxicity making its way out of the body – otherwise I have no clue

4pm Lunch Juice: Green Goddess: Kale, cucumber, broccoli, basil, lime, apple and wheatgrass. This was delicious and again welcomed. The brunch and lunch smoothies really highlighted to me when I am most hungry and lack of concentration. From 2-4pm I really hit a wall – maybe I was meant to live in Spain and have a siesta! This was interesting as now I will focus on making sure I eat for energy in these times of day and be more pragmatic about getting up and having some water or going for a walk.

6.15pm – Electrolyte: Orange, Salt, Honey, Lemon and water – I went to meet my friends in Las Iguanas. I was met with the same interest, fascination, negativity and facts that come with most people when doing a juice cleanse. “they say its bad for you” “you haven’t eaten you have to eat” “what the hell are you drinking” “what do juice cleanses do” “So expensive for just juice why don’t you buy orange juice” but I know most of this is comes from knowing people too long that they want to tease with love. You must be strong when doing a juice as you will get people out of pure ignorance or jealousy try and bring you down

8.00pm SOS fruit: Pear:  After carrying a big bag all day, working harder at work and long commute home I really felt I wanted my pear. It was juicy and took me a while to eat and filled me up. Delicious. I didn’t have my SOS the day before so I must have needed it.

9.00pm Dinner: Glo Beet Smoothie:  This is made of apple, carrot, beetroot, berries and flaxseed oil – could barely drink it – wasn’t hungry – so drank half. I went upstairs and started getting ready for bed. 10pm I was in the land of nod

Day 2 – Was a lot harder than day 1. I was a bit tired, fuzzy and all over the place. I felt the detoxification was really coming. To challenge myself I put myself into situations where I would be tempted which helped me stay strong. I had to deal with more people on this day which was a struggle as sometimes my capacity to think properly was a bit a miss. By the end of the day though I was feeling great I felt proud of myself that I had stuck to something. I realised that my body doesn’t need the endless coffee, sugary crap and picking throughout the day. I lost a total of 2.5lbs and slept better than I have for years. I woke up on the third day wishing I could have done it for longer. Next time!

Thank you Glo! Really enjoyed it


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