Mid-Morning Snacks for the Office

It’s 11 o’clock and your stomach starts to grumble…what do you do?

Here is a list of healthy snacks which are my go-to to keeping hunger at bay and stress levels on point.

1. Water

Sometimes our minds do not know if our bodies are hungry or thirsty… before reaching for a snack – have a pint of water to quench your thirst. Easy Snacks for the Office!


2. Fruit

The super snack – fruit – tasty, easy to transport and satiate the smallest of grumbles. Easy Snacks for the Office!

Fruit Bowl

3. Nuts

Don’t reach for crisps! Nuts are packed with good fats and protein, nuts are a sustainable alternative to crisps and other junk.

Always choose raw varieties and keep an eye on quantity because of their high-fat content. Easy Snacks for the Office!


4. Muesli, Natural Yoghurt and Berries

This combo is a great alternative to cereal bars which are often packed with sugar.

Berries provide a shot of antioxidants and are powerhouses of vitamins. I use Spoon Cereals to make my life more stress-free but you can also make your own muesli from oats, nuts, dried fruit and seeds which you can bake in large quantities so you always have to hand. Easy Snacks for the Office!

5. A Cup of Soup

When water is blended with food it stays in the stomach longer and keeps you feeling full.

To make your own soften a mix of veg in a little oil, add water, simmer until tender and blend.

I recommend asparagus soup! Easy Snacks for the Office!


Take the stress out of snacking with these little tips.

For more healthy snacks click here: Nourish

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