Tips for Succeeding in an All Day Meeting

All Day Meeting

We have all been there. The dreaded all day meeting.

Sooner or later you will have to endure the lengthy meeting.

These meetings can take their toll on you mentally as well as physically.
Sitting down for a long period of time in a dimly lit room staring computer screens and being fed by platters of carb loaded sugar inducing crap that catering have provided.

Before you know it you have taken less than 200 steps all day, your body is dried out from filter coffee, your blood sugars have been on a rollercoaster and you feel like a little bit of your soul was left behind.

Well these are my tricks for smashing a meeting, keeping your a-game, keeping healthy and still have enough energy to get home


Plan ahead for this one. Most companies that offer catering will come in price brackets and the cheapest is usually the worst ones for you.
For this reason take your own food.

Grab a porridge or eggs on your way in to the meeting.
Take snacks such as fruit, nuts and seeds to keep your energy up.
Bring in some tupperware and have a delicious home prepared meal.

 I have been in meetings before when I came in and was greeted with Croissants.
Next break biscuits
Lunch Sandwiches and Crisps

This is a danger zone. You blood sugars will be going up and down as your energy will.
How can you possibly try and engage in a meeting when you a flying from passing out to bouncing off the walls.

If you are the one organising the meeting – think outside the box.
Many external caterers are sometimes cheaper, healthy and ten times more delicious than in house.
Give people regular breaks and suggest healthy options nearby.
If you can pick up a big fruit platter with nuts and see if you can expense.

The level of activity and engagement you will get from the yourself and the people in the meeting if catered correctly can improve your productivity.


Keep hydrated through these meetings.

There are always jugs of middle range filter coffee which if you drink too much of will lead you to go into flight or fight mode, de-hydrate you and leave you feeling exhausted.

I always carry with me herbal teas. Water is only fun for a while so finding an alternative to keep hydrated is always good.

My go to is Pukka Tea

Image result for pukka tea range

They have green and pure herbal so you have the option of a caffeine kick!


However way you can.

If you are presenting stand up to present.
If it is a workshop stand up and listen – there are no rules about sitting down.
If you get a break go for a walk – get some fresh air and move.

Sitting down is literally killing people. As humans we are natural hunter gatherers and designed to be mobile.
Stretch your legs, get the blood moving and get some fresh air.

You will return to the room with a clear head, more energy and ready to be productive.

The Wellness in the Workplace

Wellness at work is crucial and we all have a responsibility to take. You spend the majority of your working life there you should make sure that its benefitting your health not taxing on it.

People worry about suggesting new ideas but many managers or leaders out there just haven’t thought about the idea.

Next time you are running a meeting or you have a regular all day meeting make the positive suggestions to make these sessions healthier.

Don’t let the All-Day Meeting Drain you – make the small changes to get the positive results.

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