Today’s Workout: What’s your supplement

In today’s world we are bombarded by chemicals, crap, hormones, added extras, pollution, tiredness and stress – it is a wonder most of us are not breaking.

We hear in the media and by doctors that we need our 5 a day and we need omega 3,6 and 9 and we need X for strong nails, Y for digestion and Z for sleep…but how many of us get all the vitamins and minerals?

I’ve been trying out a few supplements recently to see if they can help detox/retox me and make me feel healthier… so here is my top 5

1) Vitamin C tablet

   vit c

I will never stop explaining how good this added dose of Vitamin C is to us everyday. For those who live in cities our vitamin c is depleted constantly by pollution. It boosts our immunity, helps the body fight off free radicals and boosts our collagen – winner. I buy mine in bulk from amazon as its cheaper than other brands but still has the same amount of vitamin C in.

Vitamin C 1000mg Effervescent Family Bundle 120 Tablet Value Pack

2) Well Woman

well woman

This little all rounder gives us girlies a little boost to make sure we are getting a little bit of what we need everyday. I try and maintain a balanced diet but when you’re running from meeting to meeting, date to date and only have time to grab a coffee – we can neglect all the little bits we need. So pop one of these into your daily routine and its like re-charging our batteries

3) Psyllium husk


This is a source of soluble fibre. It is fantastic for our digestive tract. The word IBS is thrown around all over the place these days to label anything that upsets our stomachs but in reality with all the chemicals and the richness of today’s food our gut just needs a little help from time to time. Psyllium husk draws water into the intestines helping food transit through. Add to your juice or water and give your insides a well deserved helping hand

4) Milk thistle tea


Over indulged at the weekend? Had a heavy friday? Big roast dinner? Let me introduce Milk Thistle Tea – the key to relief from those indulgent days! With Valentines on the horizon – a weekend full of chocolate, wine and fun – this Milk Thistle Tea is the perfect rest when you’ve overdone it… I bought mine from simply supplements and have been using it daily as part of my retox from the new year. I find it calming and soothing and does my tummy the world of good.

5) Dandelion, Burdock and Hawthorne Tea


I was given this tea as a freebie at the Fresh and Fit fest I went to recently. Its a tea aimed at Well-Being. Although I have not noticed any direct affects I have found it a wonderful alternative to caffeine teas and coffees. Its fruity without being over bearing and very pleasant. Would recommend for those who love a cuppa but want to cut down on caffiene

I hope this helps out any of you who have been wondering what little changes you can do in your daily routine to really boost those energy levels and bring out the best you. In today’s society we have so much going on that sometimes we forget to look after number one.

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