Today’s Clean Eat – Eggar and Aubergine Salad

The sunshine has been out in the uk and the nights are getting longer which leaves more time to spend with friends, in the gym or out and about in the evening. The length of the evening leaves more time to indulge in life however this does leave less time to prep for your weeks clean meals and for me sometimes my own evening meal!

I have been using eggs ALOT recently – to the extent I now buy pure egg whites to reduce the amount of saturated fat in my weeks meals – and discovered this beautiful treat The Eggar. The French have omelettes, the Spanish tortillas, the Italians frittatas and Arabic nations have eggahs. Eggahs are delicious served straight from the pan or left to cool.
I made my Eggar using zucchini, chickpea and spinach. This spicy zucchini and chickpea version makes a great value lunch. It can be made in advance and keeps like a quiche and holds its flavour to be enjoyed again and again.

Alongside this I baked some aubergines with sundried tomatoes and garlic – drizzled with olive oil and half a cup of water. Aubergines keep really well for a couple of days and seem to bathe in their own flavour.


Perfect for a summers evening; you can enjoy this meal straight after work, post gym meal, as a quick a flavourful lunch or to share with friends. The Eggar slices like a pizza so this can be enjoyed as a gluten free and vegetarian alternative on a pizza night with friends and family!

So how do we make this:-
1) One Zucchini
2) One can of chickpeas
3) Cup of spinach
4) One garlic clove
5) 4 eggs and 2 egg whites ( you can use 6 eggs but this version cuts the cholesterol and sat fat down
6) tsp of cumin
7) tsp chilli
8) handful of parsley
9) low fat cheese (cheddar or feta)
10) one onion

Heat a frying pan (one that can be put under the grill) with a tsp of coconut oil. Add a thinly sliced onion – cook until softened. Grate the zucchini into thin slices and add to the pan.
In a separate bowl put the chickpeas, cumin and chilli (if you are feeling a little spicy I added a pinch of cayenne and smoked paprika at this point) once coated add to the frying pan with a crushed garlic clove. Place a lid on pan and leave – gently stirring – for 5-10 mins
Whisk the eggs (season) and add a tbsp of water. Turn on the grill
Add eggs to the mixture and keep on the heat till almost firm.
Grate the cheese and sprinkle on top and grill until bubbling and slightly browned.
Cut and eat!


To make the aubergines: – this will take a little longer so start this about 40 mins before eggar
1) 4 aubergine
2) 3 garlic
3) as many sun dried tomatoes as you like
Slice the aubergine length ways in to 4
Peel the garlics and crush with knife
Add tomatoes in-between layers of aubergine
Drizzle with olive oil
Bake until soft and then grill to add a little brown
This should last you 2-3 days and the flavours just keep getting better and better!
Voted by slimming world – the eggar is one of their extra easy sun free meals – so healthy, easy, can be made in advance and quite frankly delicious!


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