Todays Clean Meal: Get your protein


These cheeky little brown shells that most of us have in our fridge can actually be a solution to the morning grumble that usually hits us all around 11am.

Eggs are full of protein! Studies have shown that protein numbs the signal from our tummies to our brains telling us we are hungry. Those little gremlins that make our stomach rumble….actually known as ghrelin… sends a signal to our brain telling us we are hungry. Diets high in protein are a good way to keep hunger in check. Protein in the diet is effective at keeping ghrelin in check, while carbohydrates and fats don’t work that well. Suppression of ghrelin is a way to lose appetite. Fats suppress ghrelin quite poorly. Proteins suppress ghrelin quite well. Carbohydrates suppress ghrelin well at first, but levels rebound later, rising to an even higher level. Carbohydrates eventually make people even hungrier than before they had eaten.


Eggs are a great solution! You can boil them the night before and grab it out of the fridge as you run out the door to work!

They come in their own little packaging which you can dispose of…so no carrying around a bowl, spoon and a bottle of milk…


A large egg weighs in approx 70 calories!

All together the winning solution to maintain weight, keeping full and generally a happy tummy!


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