Today’s Coffee: The Cafetiere

Coffee! The beautiful substance that transforms us from sleeping monsters to coherent maidens. I love a good cup of coffee and London provides me with a perfect array of coffee shops to frequent on my travels around. However, there are days where I like to have a delicious long black in the comfort of my own home.


This little guide is how to make the perfect coffee in six little steps

What you need?

1x cafetiere
1x mug
1x kettle
1x bag of your favourite coffee (my flavour of the month is Climpson and Sons)

Step by Step

Step 1
Fill and boil the kettle with fresh water. Make sure your cafetiere is clean and pour in some boiling water to warm the glass.

Step 2
Open your sealed coffee and take approx 2 heaped dessert spoons and place it in the bottom of the cafetiere. It’s really important you use fresh coffee. Keep coffee sealed in air tight kilner and/or keep in the freezer.

Step 3

When the water is boiled WAIT for at least 30 seconds if not more before you pour on the coffee – boiling water will burn the coffee. Tip the water into the cafetiere covering the coffee, fill up to the natural line on the cafetiere.

Give the coffee a gentle stir.

Add the plunger back on the top but DONT plunge.

Step 4
Leave the coffee to brew for 3-4 minutes. If you have yours with milk this is the perfect time to heat up the milk

coffee and milk

Step 5
Plunge nice and slowly in one continous motion until you reach the bottom.


Step 6
Now pour the coffee into the cups and you have yourself a perfect cup of coffee to start the day


A great book to learn more about coffee I would highly recommend

A coffee enthusiast may find little new, but even so it’s a book well worth having, giving clear and concise information on coffee itself. For a newcomer to coffee – make this the first book that you buy. For a experienced coffee maker – a delightful book, that will help you explain your passion to others.

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