Today’s Workout: Pre and Post Workout Meals

A lot of people ask me: What should I eat before/after a workout?

There is a lot of information out there and I can’t give you the right answer for everyone but I will share with you what I do.

First thing you need to ask yourself is What do you want from your workout?

  • Are you wanting to gain muscle?
  • Put on weight?
  • Get lean?
  • Lose weight?

Once you know this the internet is your oyster

My aim is to stay slim and build lean muscle

This means I mix cardio with weight training therefore this means that I need a combination of carbs for energy and protein for power. If you are only doing 20 mins of HIIT – carbs are enough alone but if you will be spending over 40mins in the gym you need protein too. Keep your meal light and have it an hour before the gym to ensure you don’t get cramp.

Here is a picture of my Pre-Workout Meal

pre workout meal

1 Apple, Half a banana, teaspoon of natural peanut butter and a boiled egg – washed down with lemon water

After a workout you will need to replenish your glycogen levels and add some protein. The perfect way to do this if you’re in a rush on your way to work or havent quite your appetite back is through a smoothie.

This is my Post Workout Smoothie

powst workout smoothie

Coconut water for hydration, Apple and Mango for carbs, Spinach for greens, Almonds for a little fat and Pea Protein for all veggie and natural protein

Share with me your pre and post workout meals

Happy Training

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