Todays Workout: Hiit and Pod

Spring is here and it is time to shake of the dust!

Get up and get out in the sunshine as the sun rises – it will boost your body full of vitamin D and get you ready to start the day.

Head to the gym or to the garden for some HIIT workouts

In the Gym:

Warm up – 5 mins
1 min – level 10
30 seconds – level 2
1 min – level 12
30 seconds – level 2
Repeat for 15 mins
Cool down

In the Garden:


Jumping Jacks – 1 minute
Sprint – 40 seconds
jog/walk – 1 minute
Sprint – 40 seconds
jog/walk – 1 minute
Repeat for 15 mins


Walk to work! leave the car – leave your oyster on the side

Walking is one of the most effective ways of keeping toned and losing winter weight. It saves you pounds and helps you lose pounds


Make sure you get the right protein, carbs and fats in the morning!

After a HIIT sessiona and a 5 mile walk to work if I have had not had time to make an omelette to have for breakfast I head to POD for a Supergreen Blitz smoothie and after an hour or so have some Energizer Eggs to set me up for the day.

Firm believer in fasted cardio – using up those glycogen stores and then nourishing your body when you’re ready to start the day

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