Today’s Office – Back to work x

After a beautifully long festive break this week its all back to work. Swapping my comfy’s for work gear was a change as I have grown quite fond of my sweater and sneaker combination this rainy Christmas.


Here’s my little guide to keeping the festive comfort while still dressing to impress at work:

  1. Heels – heels transform any outfit from casual to smart. if like me you walk to work – pack them in your handbag and wear flats. Walking in heels for a long distance is not good for you and will cause pain later in the day from tired feet
  2. Blazer – today I am wearing plain black trousers with a long sleeved top but the white blazer on top sends a message that I am ready, willing and able to own this day
  3. Accessorize – worn with the right accessories you can make the comfiest of casual outfits work ready within seconds. ZARA, New Look, Top Shop and Primark offer amazing jewelry that low price and means you can change it up frequently without breaking the bank

Hope all of you are enjoying your first day back – apologies if you went back to work last week! I am super excited as breaking in my brand new Jimmy Choos today! Delicious!

Peace xxx

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