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We live in a beautiful world that sometimes we don’t get to see enough of.

We have the noose of Annual Leave and holiday days to deal with. The tips and tricks I share are based on making the most out of your precious annual leave by writing travel tips to places with this in mind.

Top tricks to get the most time for the minimal days off! Only recommending the best spots to visit and recommending only the places/ restaurants and stops that are worth it.

Home or away, I will tell you my top spots!

Things to do:

Reviews of restaurants, things to do, places to visit and sights to see. I hope to reduce your time spent researching and provide you with places worth your time.

Brunch, lunch, dinner? I’ve got you covered!


Make the most of the precious days you have off my using my easy guides to destinations to make your life stress free.

I will always be honest and open with all of my opinions to ensure that when you read a review you are getting the honest information to inform your decisions.


Made of Dough: Pop Up to Peckham

Made of dough Cocktails inside Pizza Made of Dough Peckham Cyntra Charlesworth Cyncity

Sexy B*tches Eat Pizza

Peckham’s Bellenden Road has opened its doors to a brand new pizza joint, Made of Dough. Originating from Pop Brixton, Made of Dough, have gone from strength to strength and have climbed up to claim the title of London Pizza Champions! With slick branding and sexy slogan – these boys are tantalising the taste buds of South Londoners one slice at a time.

Their Neopolitan-style pizzas are made with dough that is fermented over sixty hours, topped with carefully sourced produce and local meats from the local butcher, Flock and Herd. Carefully curated and deliciously made – this should definitely feature on your summer hit list.

Pizza Made of Dough Peckham Cyntra Charlesworth Cyncity

Made of Dough: Highlights from the Menu

The doors were opened last weekend and the word about the popular pizza place is spreading fast. There may be a small queue when you arrive, but you will be seated in no time, with one of their sumptuous cocktails in hand.

The menu invites you in, with small bites, sides and dips (which are a must). The Scotch Bonnet Romesco packs a punch for those who like the spice of life, while the basil aioli is perfect for dipping the leftover crusts.

But let’s face it, we are not here to talk about dips… what we knead (gettit) to know is about the Pizza!

With over 6 to choose from… here are my personal faves!

Truffle Pizza Made of Dough Peckham Cyntra Charlesworth Cyncity


Delicious! Hands down my fav. The Burrata is decadently creamy and melts in the mouth with its freshness. The mushrooms are flavoursome but not overpowering and marry together perfectly with the truffle oil. This is a great alternative for those who fancy a change from a traditional tomato base.

Margarita Pizza Made of Dough Peckham Cyntra Charlesworth Cyncity


Simple – just like a pizza should be. But do not mistake its simplicity for lack of flavour. The San Marzano tomatoes intertwined with the Fior di latte is mouth watering. A light drizzle of olive oil and the finish of basil – for traditionalists – this one is for you.

Serrano Pizza Made of Dough Peckham Cyntra Charlesworth Cyncity


The fresh wild rocket is a colourful pop to the eyes while the succulent serrano ham delivers with flavour. Not overpowering like some cured meat pizzas can be – this pizza was a crowd pleaser.

sexy bitches eat Pizza Made of Dough Peckham Cyntra Charlesworth Cyncity

Sweet Tooth

Not usually a fan of a dessert, my bae Donna, dragged me straight towards the sweets, to indulge in the Motherf*cking Peanut Butter Shake. Note – the founders are not foul mouthed young men but this decadent dessert carved its name from its main ingredient: Jackpot Motherf*cking Peanut Butter.

And its motherf**cking good!

Cocktails inside Pizza Made of Dough Peckham Cyntra Charlesworth Cyncity


Think dining alfresco with a hint of Soho House and a side order of chill – this is the perfect spot for friends, family or date night.

The cocktails are a must – these boys really know their stuff – with Amalfi inspired bellinis, fruity twists on Espresso Martinis and a classic favourite Aperol Spritz.

If you like your wine see if one of the founders, Ed, is in the joint – he will be able to talk you through their wine list with expertise. If you like your red – try the Chaval.

Cocktails Pizza Made of Dough Peckham Cyntra Charlesworth Cyncity


Final Thoughts

All in all – a 10/10 experience to be enjoyed by all. If you happen to be nearby at lunchtime, you can get a margarita special for just £5! Also, every Monday is half price on all bottles – #winner.

Note: If you’re gluten free – there are plenty of sides to choose from however there is no option available currently. 


Chotto Matte: London Brunch with a Twist

Cyntra Charlesworth, Cyncity, cyntra, blogger, london

Brunch: The Most Important Meal on the Weekend

It is a beautiful thing brunch. It brings together your friends over food and the latest gossip. Dishes are served that could either be breakfast or lunch (variety is the spice of life) and it is completely acceptable to start the day with Bubbles! Always a win in my eyes.

If you feel like you have been to the best brunch spots in London, have had enough, and in fact are bored of Turkish Baked Eggs, Quail Egg Benedict or The Funky Full English places have to offer – then keep reading as this is a brunch that is NOT to be missed.

Experience flavours like no other and discover London’s newest brunch spot!

Chotto Matte

Chotto Matte came to Frith Street in late 2013 by the curator of Ping Pong dim sum chain, Kurt Zdesar. A fusion of Japanese and Peruvian, chotto matte became an established favourite of celebrities, rock stars and footballers alike. I reviewed when they Chotto Matte first opened and was slightly apprehensive 4 years down the line to see if their standards were still as impeccable… and my goodness they are!

Open on Saturdays and Sundays for £50 a head which includes a set menu, a cocktail and half a bottle of prosecco. You are spoiled with drinks, dishes and devilish flavours throughout your sitting and leaves you incredibly satiated in a slightly, dare I say it, healthy way!

Anyway enough of my opinion – let’s look at the dishes!

P.s. would highly recommend trying their Pisco Sour

Chotto Matte Brunch sea bass sashimi, sweet potato, Peruvian corn, coriander, chive oil, leche de Tigre


The first dish to accompany our cocktails was sea bass sashimi, sweet potato, Peruvian corn, coriander, chive oil, leche de Tigre.

I bloody love ceviche and this one is high up there with the best ceviche I have had in London. Carefully seasoned, the flavours married together well and left you wanting more.

Maguro tuna Hotategai scallop Sake salmon Hamachi yellowtail Suzuki seabass


A platter of sushi followed the Ceviche. Delicious, fresh and tasty – as sushi should be. The tuna in particularly pleasant and the drizzle of truffle oil tantalised your taste buds. Flavoursome but not over powering.

Nikkei Sepia calamari, aji Amarillo emulsion


Nikkei Sepia calamari with a naji Amarillo emulsion. I have NEVER tasted tempura calamari that has been done to this standard. It was crispy without being fatty. The calamari tasted great with no chewiness or stringiness. A peppery flavour set alive with the lime. Yum!

Asado De Tira beef short rib, asparagus, purple potato, teriyaki jus Pollo den miso chicken miso, carrot, daikon, yellow chili salsa Sake sautéed broccoli


Next to come out was our trio of mains. Now at this point, I was feeling slightly stuffed. If you get full quickly – pace yourself – the food keeps coming and just gets even more enticing to tuck in!Asado De Tira beef short rib, asparagus, purple potato, teriyaki jus Pollo den miso chicken miso, carrot, daikon, yellow

Asado De Tira beef short rib, asparagus, purple potato, teriyaki jus – This was pleasant, I was totally blown away but my girlfriends said it was delicious and I was being fussy – #guilty #perhaps

Pollo den miso chicken miso, carrot, daikon, yellow chilli salsa – this is the plate on the left. Totally mouth watering with a hint of spice – INDULGE – Don’t tell your friends, say it is awful, run and hide the dish and devour – absolutely yummy.

Sake sautéed broccoli – Well, because you have to eat your greens!

Chocolate pot Mango mochi balls Passion fruit brûlée


And for those of you with a sweet tooth – don’t worry they haven’t forgotten about you! My naughty little friends skipped off when I was distracted and told the waiters it was my birthday…somewhere along the way my name got lost in translation!

Served with a song and a beautiful candle we finished off our brunch with a Chocolate pot, Mango mochi balls and Passion fruit brûlée.

Final thoughts

If you are looking for an original spot to indulge with friends this is the one for you.

You can find the restaurant here nestled in the heart of Soho

Chotto Matte
11-13 Frith Street


Top Secrets to an Effortless Weekend

After a hard week in the office it is a blessing to get to the weekend. Two days and three nights that are yours to do with as you wish. However, do you ever feel when monday has come around that you haven’t had a weekend? That you haven’t caught up on sleep and in fact you’re more tired than you were last friday?

Many of us are guilty of filling our weekend to the brim with high expectations to pack in as much as possible into the valuable free time we have. Drinks here, cooking there, late nights, lie ins, eating out, food shopping, running around town and we get to Sunday evening and feel exhausted!

Its time to take your weekend back and follow these simple life hacks to make your weekend as effortless as possible.

Get Organised

Finding your room in a state, all your letters un-opened, none of your washing done and your house un-tidy is not a nice way to start the weekend. Often than not you will leave these tasks to Sunday – the ultimate day of rest – and then you will find yourself rushing around to get this done before the week begins.

Stop. Get organised.

Set yourself 45 minutes each day of the week to put a wash on, order that food shop online, tidy a room (or book a cleaner) and change your bedding to free up more time on the weekend. Washing can take hours if left to pile up so do a bit each day to make sure you are on top of this by the weekend. A clean and tidy environment enables you to truly relax and put those feet up for a rest!

Outsource your Breakfast

Its the weekend! You have spent the week making breakfast, packing those lunches and cooking meals its time to treat yourself. Get out the house and meet friends for brunch. Take your loved one out or your housemate and let someone else do all the hard work.

Brunch is great as it means you can have a few hours extra in bed and effectively cram two meals in one! Saving money and saving time. Breakfast and brunch food is great too! There is nothing like sinking your teeth into Eggs Florentine, Chorizo on Avo Toast or getting continental with a Crepe.

All of these when attempted at home can sometimes lead to a disaster, mess and effort. Why not whatsapp a few friends and check out these amazing and reasonable brunch places this weekend and sit back and let it be done for you.

Cafe Fleur: Nestled in Wandsworth this beautiful cafe is the perfect stop. The owner is delightful and the food is abundant. Take a short walk to Wandsworth Common to walk it off or head to Putney for some shopping after brunch.
Recommend: Avo Toast with Chorizo and Poached Eggs!

La Petite Bretagne: New and situated a short walk from Clapham Common this beautiful french crêperie delights the senses with their Gluten Free and Wheat Free Crepes. Coming in both Savoury and Sweet there is a crepe to suit everyones taste. Nearby you have the big open space of Clapham Common to rest and walk and lap (if there is any) some rays on sunshine while you digest.
Recommend: Paimpol with a side of the SuperSalad

Sleep and Rest

FOMO (fear of missing out) can play a huge part in exhaustion.

Long gone are the weekends of empty days. These days your weekend diary seems to mimic your work diary but instead of calls and meetings its: Parties here, bbq’s there, Weddings, Hen Doos, House Warming, Festivals and Birthdays.

Sometimes you have to take your time back. Yes you may miss the odd sausage or glass of vino but sometimes R&R is just what you need.

Have a bath, Read a Book, Catch up on whatever is your current Netflix fix and slip into those pyjamas and get that nine hours of un-disturbed sleep that will give you the energy boost you deserve.

Visit markets

Towns and cities have a wealth of different markets open on the weekend. From antiques, car boots, thrifts stores food and wine and cheese there is a market for everyone.

Markets are great as you can ignite your senses, try new things, sample lots of treats and often come home tired from all the walking and with a bag full of treats to sample that evening.

Rarely there are stressful queues like in Supermarkets. You get to try before you by and is a fun day out for all. It is an excellent way of trying new brands you may have never seen in the shops and means you can do your part to support the independent shops of your area.

There are so many to choose from… check out your local community blog or paper to find out whats on. Where I live in South London we are privileged with so many to choose from: Brixton Markets, Clapham Market, Herne Hill, Lordship Lane, Peckham and beyond!

Check it out and make a day of strolling around and getting out of the house without busting the purse strings or getting stressed in crowds.

Boost your health

Running around in the week sometimes by the weekend your health has taken a battering. Work dinners out on, late meetings fuelled by coffee and sugary snacks when running from call to meeting can really make you feel rubbish.

Start the weekend by investing some time in you. Get those healthy proteins, fruits and veggies loaded up in order that you fuelled up for that week ahead.

I know Green Smoothies really do get a lot of jip but they really are great for you. Loaded with all things green (which sometimes we neglect) can really boost those vitamin levels.

My Favourite Recipe:
Lean Protein (Neat Nutrition)
Coconut Water (Jax Coco)

Blend together with a ton of ice and it tastes magnificent. Perfect if you need something to tide you over before brunch!

These are my secrets to an effortless weekend… what are yours? Would love to hear your hacks for a stress free weekend which re-balances you ready for work.

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After work Blow Dry with Brooks+Brooks


Its Friday!
Finally…something to make you smile. Its the weekend. Its the night of the week when you can let your hair down (or blow-dryed into the perfect up do) and dance the night away.

You can touch up your make up in the work bathrooms but giving your hair a refresh is sometimes difficult. This is where the perfect salon to quickly give you the once over is the answer.

Based in Holborn Brooks+Brooks is the golden ticket.

They transformed my locks from drab to fab!

b11   hair

I was met by Kayleigh at the door who sat me down to go through my options. I was tired from a long day at work and welcomed a sit down and relax. Offered a coffee and a lil brownie to start my day was starting to get a little better.

We chatted about options, hair colour, hair condition and face shapes. Kayleigh suggested a couple of styles…

Heading out for cocktails and a banquet dinner we opted for a half up do.

Kayleigh was ab8 little camera shy so she stayed hidden

Hair Washed
Best Massage
Hair Treated
Hair Heated

and we were ready to get started!

b3  b4

First she tied knots to make an edgy braid. Playful yet tamed.


Then mermaid curls.

Kayleigh used a wand to create such magical waves. They set perfectly with the in salon products and lasted hours.

b1 b2 b6

Th finished style was in incredible. I had been transformed from the dreary end of work look to freshly made for a night with the girls.

Glamorous, Stylish and Chic: Brooks+Brooks Hairdressing is a must check out.

To book your appointment head to:

or call +442074058111

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Monochrome Mondays: Travel Style

1Style while Travelling

When you travel for work it can be quite difficult looking the part but also making sure you are being realistic with your outfit.
Commuting across london, getting to the airport, the plane journey and then finding your bearings the other side, you need to be prepared so you don’t turn up flustered, sore feet and a little disheveled.

Here is my guide for looking like a Girl Boss no matter the Time Zone.



Pack and plan the night before. I can’t emphasise how important this is. You will be calm, level headed and prepared. If you don’t you make up on the day stressed, tired, late and forget those key and important documents.

Keep all your travel documents in a slip together. Keep your toiletries in a plastic bag to save time and searching at the airport. Separate your work clothes from casual for a quick change. Bring something extra in case of delays.

If you are going to a business meeting in another country remember you may be asked out for dinner that evening so remember to pack an alternative outfit.




Trust me it is not a good idea to travel in heels. Rushing about even in the smallest heels can wreak havoc on your knees.
You may have to run for you plane, or make a long walk the other side, and you don’t want to be one holding your colleagues back. There is nothing worse than watching someone rush in heels.
Flat shoes don’t need to be the odd thing out on your outfit: edge up your corporate style while travelling.

These Nike Cortez are sleek, monochrome and stylish can be worn with a suit to give it a nonchalant edge of style while keeping you in a position where you’re ready for anything. You can even use those in the evening when exploring the new town you are in and racking up those 10,000 steps.


Don’t think outfits – Think Accessories.

How can you make the outfit you’re wearing look completely different? This helps you save on space in your suitcase. A different chunky necklace or a scarf can transform how an outfit looked.
Bring two tops and one set of trousers. Wear your hair-up and long earrings.
This trick is particularly great if you want to sacrifice space to bring your workout gear.

These trousers are my go-to whenever travelling as one day they are high waisted the next they are peg trousers with a sweater.

Workout Gear

Always chuck in a sports bra, leggings, swimsuit and top.

You never know after a long day your hotel may have a gym/ spa. You may even find a local yoga class and then head back for a sauna.

It’s better to be prepared than miss out.


Headphones, book, charger, healthy snacks, water and money.

You never know with travelling whether there will be a delay.
Don’t always rely on technology because when the power is gone – its gone.
Keep snacks on you in-case you don’t find a place to grab a bite, you don’t want to be the one with the growling stomach or low energy.


Travelling can take its toll on you. Tired, rushed, busy and stressed. If you can take the pressure off yourself in certain areas then you can focus on the job in hand.

What are your tricks for travelling? Would love to hear
Comment Below

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Best Bloody Mary Brunch in South West, Cafe Fleur

Cafe Fleur CynCity Cyntra Charlesworth Stress-free Lifestyle Blogger

Cafe Fleur Wandsworth

Cafe Fleur CynCity Cyntra Charlesworth Stress-free Lifestyle Blogger The perfect Weekend starts with Brunch and I know of a place which is the perfect way to finish the weekend.

Cafe Fleur, tucked away in Wandsworth invited locals in for homemade nutritious food, organic coffee, delightful healthy smoothies and killer Bloody Mary’s.

Recently, the cafe has been granted a liquor license, Cafe Fleur has been stocking Organic Wine, local Craft Beer, Prosecco and Bloody Mary’s

Best Brunch in South West London

Strolling up St.Ann’s Hill, Cafe Fleur is situated on the corner to welcome you in.

The menu is made up of a traditional brunch and lunch menu interspersed with their own specialities.

The Fleur Bubble is a delicious twist on a bubble and squeak and their Avocado, chilli and whipped feta on toast leave the mouth watering.

Cafe Fleur CynCity Cyntra Charlesworth Stress-free Lifestyle Blogger

After some tough decision making as everything on the menu looks divine, we settled on the Avo Toast and Chicken Goujons.

The atmosphere is vibrant and chilled and the perfect place to relax back in the Sunday atmosphere while sipping on our cocktails and smoothies.

Homemade Chicken Goujons w/ Sweet Potato Fries and Roasted Veg

The chicken goujons are homemade. Crunchy, tasty and seasoned perfectly – it is the perfect comfort dish

Cafe Fleur CynCity Cyntra Charlesworth Stress-free Lifestyle Blogger

Avocado Toast

Piled high and oozing with flavour the avo toast is rustically drizzled with the feta whip.

If you order this I would really recommend getting the poached eggs as well as the chorizo to really set off the flavour.

Cafe Fleur CynCity Cyntra Charlesworth Stress-free Lifestyle Blogger

Best Bloody Mary’s

Cafe Fleur CynCity Cyntra Charlesworth Stress-free Lifestyle Blogger

My brunch partner decided to keep it clean and sip away with coconut smoothie. I was feeling a little dirtier… so I opted for the Bloody Mary.

Spicy, smooth and with a perfect kick – I was left wanting for more!

Cafe Fleur CynCity Cyntra Charlesworth Stress-free Lifestyle Blogger

Winner of Time Out’s Love London Awards Cafe Fleur is definitely worth the visit.

Venture on down to check out the fresh homemade food, home-baked goods daily, organic coffee and friendly staff.

Their menu includes an all-day breakfast. Vegan and Vegetarian options. Eat in or take away.

Cafe Fleur CynCity Cyntra Charlesworth Stress-free Lifestyle Blogger


For More Top Brunch Spots in London Click Here: Brunch

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Big and Voluminous Hair: Tabitha James Kraan

“Hair thrives when it is Nurtured by Nature”
Wise words from Tabitha James Kraan the creator and passion behind the Organic and Sustainable Haircare range.

Bad Hair Day!

We all have busy lives running from gym to work to friends to parties! Last thing we need is a bad hair day!

Those hair days where all the volume is gone and but the ends are fluffy!
We get in from work and we want to head straight out but the lifeless mop on our heads is holding us back!
Not to mention that luck lustre smell from everything you have picked up throughout the day!


Hmmm “what about dry shampoo”
With most dry shampoo you will end up looking like you have dandruff or if you go for the “brown” one…dirty!

Well let me introduce to Tabitha James Kraan Dry shampoo and Hair Perfume


These beautiful products are completely Organic and Sustainable and SMELL ABSOLUTELY INCREDIBLE!


I picked up the full set from her website including the hair cleanser, conditioner, hair oil, hair perfume and dry shampoo.
When the products arrived I quickly set out to use these products…

I parted my hair and gently sprinkled the dry shampoo along my parting and roots


I waited 30 seconds for the powder to do its power! Then blow-dryed my hair on a cool setting from side to side.

(insert instant volume pose)



Big, Bold, Luscious and full of Life.

I gave a couple of little spritz’s of the hair perfume and I was ready to go!

So many products on the market are full of nasty chemicals which seep into our blood-stream. The also get into the water and pollute the environment. Many products also strip all the natural oils from your hair which can result in nasty side effects such as dandruff, dry and frizzy hair or greasy hair. Tabitha’s product range is one of the purest, cleanest, most organic hair products possible that work in harmony with the hair and the scalp. Hair that is treated to the Tabitha James Kraan formula has natural shine and lustre, vibrant colour, smells amazing and stays looking good for days.

What you put on your body is as important as what you put in your body.

Making small changes to make sure your products are clean, environmentally friendly, organic and kind to your skin really make a holistic impact.

Wellbeing is about nourishing inside and out.

Make those small changes so you can look and feel fabulous

(and smell insane!)

Check out Tabitha’s full range at or visit her salon in the heart of the Cotwolds for the full treat!


Welcome to Cuba

Cuba I am coming for you…

Health/ Fitness/ Food and Travel

I will be giving my readers the low down of my time in Cuba


Brunch Cafe Fleur, Wandsworth

cafe fleur Wandsworth Cyntra charlesworth cyncityCafe Fleur

The weekend is here and it is time for Brunch!

I would say this is one of the most important meals of the week – up there with the Roast.

Well let me introduce to you Cafe Fleur, Wandsworth
198 St Ann’s Hill, London SW18 2RT

cafe fleur Wandsworth Cyntra charlesworth cyncityCafe in Wandsworth

This beautiful little cafe is nestled just off Wandsworth High Street is the perfect little stop for a weekend brunch.

As you enter the cafe you are welcomed by warm and friendly staff and cute decorations which invite you in… ready for the treats ahead.

As we sat down we were welcomed by Lucy, the owner and manager of the cafe, who talked us through the menu.

We started with some smoothies to get the juices rolling…

Banana Espresso Smoothie

As a lover of coffee, I had the Banana Espresso Smoothie

cafe fleur Wandsworth Cyntra charlesworth cyncity

Delicious and flavourful – a perfect way to start the meal

Clean Coconut Smoothie

My partner in crime went for the Clean Coconut

cafe fleur Wandsworth Cyntra charlesworth cyncity

If I could devote a song… “so fresh and so clean”

We asked Lucy to recommend the best dishes on the menu…

Fleur Bubble & Squeak

We had The Fleur Bubble with a twist of salmon instead of bacon

cafe fleur Wandsworth Cyntra charlesworth cyncity

Nothing better than a runny yolk…

cafe fleur Wandsworth Cyntra charlesworth cyncity

Next, to delight, our senses were the Avo, Chilli and Feta on Toast…

cafe fleur Wandsworth Cyntra charlesworth cyncity

cafe fleur Wandsworth Cyntra charlesworth cyncity

There are no words to describe the beautiful mix of flavours. Bold, colourful and delicious – this is an absolute must when visiting.

Cafe Fleur Brunch Cyncity Review Cyntra Charlesworth

About Cafe Fleur

I chatted to Lucy further to find out the origins of the cafe…

It was first established in May 2013. Lucy was always fascinated by food from a young age. Growing up in a family where her father was a raw foodist, mum a veggie and brother a vegan – she learnt to use food in a different way to the usual “meat and two veg”.

She provides her customers with a variety of flavours from the typical “full English” to vegan pleasures to cater to every client.

She aims to cater to all her customers… so if you fancy a variation let her know… she is more than willing to help.

I asked her what she would recommend to any new customer “Fleur Bubble with a Ginger Tea… and if you’re still hungry the Clean Coconut Smoothie”

cafe fleur11

SouthWest London

If you are in South West London, this cafe is a must!

And for those who fancy a naughty brunch… Cafe Fleur are now stocking Organic Wine, Locally Crafted Beer and the old favourite Bloody Mary to start the day right!

Cyncity Review Cyntra Charlesworth Stress-free Blogger

We left Cafe Fleur with full bellies and big smiles and decided to walk off our meal walking back to Brixton.

Needless to say… When I saw the gorgeous Autumn Leaves I re-visited my 5-year-old self and ran around kicking leaves in pure joy!

5 stars for this cafe! Get involved!

For More Top Brunch Spots in London Click Here: Brunch

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Blue Brick Cafe, Dulwich

Blue Brick Cafe, Dulwich Cyncity Cyntra Charlesworth Brunch in PeckhamBlue Brick Cafe, Dulwich

Have you heard of Blue Brick Cafe? No? Well, that’s ok cus’ neither had I!

Well, that was until I went for a beautiful Autumn Stroll with one of my favourite ladies, Claire.

She and I often take to the parks of London on the weekend to meander and discover as we go. This weekend after a beautiful Sober October Stretch at HotPodYoga we ventured out of Lambeth via Brockwell Park to go and explore the neighbouring Boroughs.

We found ourselves hungry and in search of food on Lordship Lane in Southwark. The quaint little street is littered with shops that are perfect for browsing – I would highly recommend for a stroll on the weekend.

Anyway back to the hunger…

We started making our choices when we saw a little blue sign with had an arrow… Blue Brick Cafe it then stated it sold Vegetarian food – which was what we were looking for. We took the risk and decided if it looked rubbish we would carry on… Thank Goodness we did!

We poked our head into this cute little cafe. The design was like a garden picnic with a mismatch of wooden furniture which added great character.

The staff were welcoming and warming as they advised us through the menu.

Blue Brick Cafe, Dulwich Cyncity Cyntra Charlesworth Brunch in Peckham

In true style, neither of us could come to a decision so we decided to get two things and share.

We opted for the Halloumi Salad with fennel, apple and salad

Blue Brick Cafe, Dulwich Cyncity Cyntra Charlesworth Brunch in Peckham

Followed by the Tomato and Ginger Vegetable Curry

Blue Brick Cafe, Dulwich Cyncity Cyntra Charlesworth Brunch in Peckham

Both were beautifully presented with edible flowers. The Halloumi Salad dressing was divine! The curry was perfect.

The grand total of the bill was less than £14 – winner 

The ethos and character of this bistro really attracted me…

If you are looking for a winter warmer, in a beautiful cafe that is full of charm I would highly recommend visiting.

14 Fellbrigg Road
SE22 9HH, Dulwich

tel. 02082998670
mob. 07903522282

For More Top Brunch Spots in London Click Here: Brunch

Balance/ Explore/ Recipes/ Stress Free Style

Comments Feedback Opinions Thoughts


Yes you! I am talking to you!

I want to hear YOU! I want to see YOU! I want to know what YOU think about my articles.

Your comments, thoughts and opinions are what keep me motivated. What you think about articles will really help me to know where to go with future posts.

If you read an article and have a thought or opinion please leave me feedback. I am giving you the power to let me know what you think. Negative or Positive – I want to hear from you.

So please… next time you stumble across something you like, dislike, or want to know more – please leave me a comment!

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Eat Yourself Young – Elizabeth Peyton-Jones

If someone told you that you could make some small changes to your life that would make you look and feel younger, rejuvenated and alive… Would you not jump at the chance?

Do you sometimes find you start on a “health food quest” only to give up because you cannot be bothered?

Do you wake up everyday feeling like your head is in a bit of a fuzz, your hair is lifeless and your skin is dull – and then seek help through a pill or a coffee?

Does this sound like you?
I will be honest and I can put my hand up!

If you are ready to make a change then I think it is about time you went and read Eat Yourself Young
and Cook Yourself Young by Elizabeth Peyton-Jones

I discovered this book while researching how what happens in the gut affects the entire body. I was then fortunate to find myself attending a talk with Elizabeth, where I was able to hear first hand, how making small changes to how you nourish your body can really change how you look and feel.

Here is what happened when I met Elizabeth…

Elizabeth  (a natrupath and Master Herbalist) explained how 70-80% of the problems she treats with her clients is solved by a change of diet. Not a special pill, not cream, not voodoo… just food.

(at this point my ears truly pricked up)

She went on to explain that people have now become emotionally involved with food rather than just eating for nutrition. “When you become emotionally attached to food, you can’t make good decisions” – what she is referring to here is that morning coffee that has to be part of your routine… rather than waking up and identifying why you are tired you are associating a feeling with it. This goes for chocolate or other the sugary snacks you see as a “pick me up” in the afternoon in the office. She went on to explain “if it is emotional, it is addictive and it is not good for you” Instead of thinking about food as merely a means to a nourishing ends we are associating an emotion which is not beneficial.

(Interesting… Guilty!)

Elizabeth continued to explain what is making us old:

  1. Acidity
    2. Inflammation
          3. Digestive Problems 
                 4. Oxidation
                        5. Hormones

Each one of these is highlighted in her book and explains how they are affecting your bodies youthing abilities.

She went on to explain how our body sends signal to us – most of which we ignore or we medicate rather than dealing with the issue head on. All of us at some point will be affected by the 5 issues listed above. In what way and to what degree is all personal.

She went on to explain the top 3 to really focus on if you want reach your full potential


When the body is acidic your body is not happy. Like fish, our bodies happiest state is at alkaline. The foods which are acid-forming in our body are: Meat, Dairy, Alcohol, Caffeine and Sugar – no surprises there really.
Our body draws on our natural minerals to alkalise these – thus pulling minerals from our teeth, hair, nails and bones.
This leads us to looking and feeling lifeless…

So what does Elizabeth say the top 3 things you can start doing to change this:
+ Lemon and Water 
+ Green Juices (try and go no fruit)
+ A plate of vegetables everyday

In her book she goes on to tell you how to cook to draw the most nutrition from vegetables and how to affectively alkalise your body without feeling like you are giving up the things you love. Simple changes to make a glowing you!


Inflammation is when your body swells to warn you. This could be in your mouth from allergies all the way down to your stomach. The latter is the harder one to identify. When your body has an allergy you may not even notice – there are subtle signs such as sniffing or coughing after/ during a meal, bloated-ness, and other little signs which we as humans so cleverly ignore.

In her book she gives a list of ailments and potential causes. If you think you have an allergy (or maybe you have no idea) it is definitely worth a look.

Tricks for dealing with Inflammation are: Ginger and Tumeric
She went on to explain that anything labelled with “itus” is an inflammation… e.g. tonsillitis
Which can be treated by alkalising the body and introducing these anti-inflamatory foods rather than guzzling down anti-biotics or other pharmaceutical drugs


Protecting yourself from the free-radicals. Making sure your diet is rich in anti-oxidants to fight the daily interactions with free radicals which age our cells from the inside out.

I am not going to re-write the book but I would highly recommend you look this lady up. Her website EPJHealth provides a plethora of information to get you started on your quest to transform yourself into the most vibrant version of you!

Her book Eat Yourself Young has guides, plans and questionnaires to help you find out where you are.

Cook Yourself Young gives you the pillars and a host of recipes to get you started.

Are you fed up of feeling fine?
(Defined by Elizabeth)

F – fucked up
I – Insecure
N – Neurotic
E – Emotional

Then start by making those small steps to a more youthful you

I shall end this blog with the parting words from Elizabeth

“May you never be fine”

“May you reach your potential”

“May you eat yourself young”

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Brunch at Milkwood, Herne Hill

milkwood herne hill brunch in brixton cyntra charlesworth

Milkwood, Herne Hill

Who doesn’t love to Brunch!

It’s what the weekend is made for. While the sun is shining this beautiful October it is the perfect time to wrap up warm, chuck on those sunnies and head out for a weekend stroll.

Clocking up those steps and then replenishing with a healthy brunch is always a perfect way to start the day.

Brockwell Park

This weekend I went for a beautiful stroll around Brockwell Park, beautiful and full of life, the park is made up of a multitude of activities to suit all. My friend, Sasha, and I went for a morning coffee and a walk. As we strolled out of the park and into Herne Hill, our stomachs began to rumble, so we went on a hunt for some healthy replenishment.

milkwood herne hill brunch in brixton cyntra charlesworth

Brunch In Herne Hill

Nestled in the heart of Herne Hill lies a delightful little kitchen+bar, Milkwood.

milkwood herne hill brunch in brixton cyntra charlesworth

We were greeted by the friendly staff and quickly proceeded to our table. The decor is delightful! Subdued lighting and wooden walls – it really made for a cosy stop to brunch.


Sasha and I sat down and quickly ordered some drinks. Sasha rebooted her caffeine levels with a cappuccino while I choose one of the fresh smoothies Strawberry, Cucumber and Mint, to rehydrate.

milkwood herne hill brunch in brixton cyntra charlesworth

Fresh, tasty and oh so juicy! I would definitely give this smoothie a try!

Best Eggs in Herne Hill

We then made our way to the brunch menu. From the simplicity of eggs any way on toast to the regulars of Eggs Royale, or the sweetness of pancakes…Milkwood caters to all tastes.

Sasha and I ordered. Sasha (little miss sweet tooth) indulged in the Blueberry Pancakes as I ummed and erred between the Eggs Royale and the Avo and Eggs on Sourdough…

 Avocado always wins!

milkwood herne hill brunch in brixton cyntra charlesworth

My oh my! I made the right choice. The avocado was gorgeous! Smooth and seasoned to perfection. The eggs broke perfectly and the yolk meandered through the avocado and toast. The pea shoots added a perfect crunch. The garnish of jalapeños and chilli added a dimension to the dish that married well with the flavours.

Every mouthful was delightful. Filling as it was – the dish was light and flavourful and really sets you up for the day.

 sasha brown

New Jersey-born Sasha tucked in Blueberry Pancakes as she reminisced on a trip she had to New York. As a connoisseur to the American breakfast she remarked on the delicate flavour of the pancakes which instead of cream had creme fraiche which matched the sweetness with an ounce of sourness to balance the meal.

Cyntra Charlesworth

Full, warm and bellies content. We mused at on how reasonable the brunch came to. Barely over the £20 mark, we left full of smiles to continue our weekend stroll into Brixton.

If you are seeking a weekend brunch and stroll I would highly recommend this little gem in the heart of Herne Hill.

For More Top Brunch Spots in London Click Here: Brunch

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Travel With Work: Healthy in Manchester


I travel a lot out of passion and for work. When I travel with work it means I stay in hotels and it can be very easy to eat out a lot and unhealthily. I am hoping to put together a guide to the places I stay and the gems I find to help those keep healthy in the places I stay.

I am also going to apply this to holiday hot spots – as its nice to find perfect little gems to fit in-between the cocktails and the tanning

Healthy in… Manchester 



Let’s begin with some food. I found this wonderful place for breakfast – lunch called…

55 Thomas Street,
Manchester, M4 1NA.
0161 832 3233

As I wandered through the Northern Quarter in the hunt for something that wasn’t in a burrito, burger, or dripping in some all American sauce, I stumbled across the Teacup Kitchen. I had a look inside and was taken by their advertisement of Healthy and Hearty lunches. I chatted with the host and asked him what the Soup of the Day was… (my eyes glanced to their pledge to get the best ingredients and sourced from the best places)

To my delight, he said “Celeriac with Truffle Oil”

Celeriac soup


I was seated in this beautiful little restaurant that was informal and casual and had a buzz. I also ordered from their list of juices (tick) and went for the booster.


All in all, they have a delightful selection of healthy and not so healthy therefore if you are with guests or colleagues who give you a bashing for being “too healthy” then you can bring them here and they can shovel away the sugar while you peruse the goods.


Unit 2, Brazennose House East, Brazennose Street, Manchester M2 5BP

I was lucky enough to stumble on Shlurp a soup bar that makes everything fresh, all locally sourced and in season. They have options from Value to Skinny, Veggie to Meat. There is an offer of soup and a salad which is perfect to cover the nice comfort of the warmth and my snack later in the afternoon. Their ethos is incredible and they really care about the contents of their food. They let you know the Fat, Salt and Wheat and all other factors which concern those who look after their health.


Getting a workout when you are away from home is hard. You can though tactically book a hotel with a gym.

Here are some of the Central Manchester Hotels with Gyms

Doubletree Hilton

Radisson Blu

Britannia Sachas Hotel


Be savvy when you book accommodation as it will be your home and make sure you get all you need.

Eating Out

Manchester has a plethora of great restaurants. There are the more hipster ones in the Northern Quarter but those are usually the not so good for your waistline ones.

My favourite has to be…


I walked through the Northern Quarter and up to Oldham Road where I discovered this small little family run restaurant.


The insides were humble and I was greeted by a small but welcoming host who asked how she could help.

The restaurant prides itself on being a family run establishment providing the healthiest and freshest home cooked Vietnamese food to the heart of Manchester


I read through the menu checking out all the delicious offerings from Vietnamese Salads to the traditional Pho

I settled on Prawn Summer Rolls and Chicken Pho.

Phở, (pronounced fuh) is one of the healthiest and most delicious Vietnamese dishes eaten every day by the Vietnamese for breakfast, lunch or dinner. Pho is a fresh, nutritious & tasty broth-based noodle soup. The dish is served with a side plate of fresh herbs, sliced-up chillies and lime wedges. The best part is that you can customize your Pho to what you desire to suit your taste.


My Summer Rolls arrived – so fresh and low in calorie.

The Pho arrived and it looked and smelt beautiful


I added my fresh veg and some added chilli to give it a kick. Chillies despite their infamous reputation of adding heat to a meal – have a plethora of health benefits from lowering LDL, high in vitamin C, A and B and high in a number of minerals

I left Saigon Lotus with a belly full of goodness and a smile on my face. I would definitely recommend for dining on your own, with a partner or out with friends.

tip: When eating out stick to Asian food or simple protein and veg combos for a healthy alternative when it’s not your choice of the venue

So I hope you like it – and find it informative. Please comment below and let me know of any healthy finds you have in Manchester. Always on the hunt and word of mouth is always better!

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Home Grown – POP Brixton

So who hasn’t heard of Pop Brixton?

The newest addition to the vibe in the South. Pop Brixton is an amazing new space created for the local community to showcase independent start ups and businesses in Brixton.

It has been creating such a buzz with different areas quite literally “popping” up within the vicinity. As I live in Brixton I venture down to this new addition quite regularly. The vibe is great, the food is delicious and the concept fantastic.

One of my new favourite stalls has got to be Home Grown

Born at Pop Brixton and managed by Jocie and Gabriella – the girls are working to introduce the local community to Juices, fresh homemade salads and alternative coffees.

Alongside their beautiful stall they are also doing yoga and pilates first thing in the morning to start the day right!

So this is bloomin amazing as far as I am concerned! Health and nutrition slap bang in the middle of one of Brixton best hang out places…AWESOME!

So lets take a look around…

Cute, beautiful and welcoming; I explored Home Grown while chatting to Gabriella I sipped away at a Coconut Flat White. The stall offers all kinds of alternative milk – not just the average soy – from Oat to Coconut. Dairy-Free is definitely the way the world should be moving too. It is often hard to pick up a coffee where the non-dairy alternatives are available so this is a breathe of healthy fresh air

The stall is brimming with healthy produce which is used in the fresh juices and homemade salads. Juices and Salads are key to Spring and Summer lifestyle as they are light and packed full of nutrients key to making your skin and body glow.

From Immune Boosters to Green Power Home Grown caters for every juice need. For those who are members of the local Brixton Recreation Centre – this is the perfect place to pick up your post workout re-boot. It is important when doing any kind of exercising be it to pack on muscle or strip back fat – you need to get all your nutrients.

With a combination of juice and salad deals these little store really is making steps forward to bring healthy eating down to Brixton. All you lunch time needs for £8!

Get yourself down to Pop Brixton and Homegrown to try out their juices and yoga/pilates session

At the moment they have an offer… for £20 you can get un-limited classes for a week with a juice of your choice!

Otherwise drop in classes are £10

Remember to bring a mat – I use this one as its tucks away nicely in my room with no extra space taken…Perfect

Check out for all the information about upcoming events