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We live in a beautiful world that sometimes we don’t get to see enough of.

We have the noose of Annual Leave and holiday days to deal with. The tips and tricks I share are based on making the most out of your precious annual leave by writing travel tips to places with this in mind.

Top tricks to get the most time for the minimal days off! Only recommending the best spots to visit and recommending only the places/ restaurants and stops that are worth it.

Home or away, I will tell you my top spots!

Things to do:

Reviews of restaurants, things to do, places to visit and sights to see. I hope to reduce your time spent researching and provide you with places worth your time.

Brunch, lunch, dinner? I’ve got you covered!


Make the most of the precious days you have off my using my easy guides to destinations to make your life stress free.

I will always be honest and open with all of my opinions to ensure that when you read a review you are getting the honest information to inform your decisions.


Today’s Workout: What body type are you?

We’ve all been there – you know that friend…the one who eats all the cake, never exercises yet manages to rock a bikini every summer while tucking into a burger…

Well my friends – that is an ectomorph…

fed up

An ecto-what you may be saying? Well recently I have been doing a lot of work on body type. This is different to body shape. Body Type is your natural build, it is how your body reacts to food and exercise and it determines how at your ultimate shape what you will look like.

Body type is very important. It helps you to understand where you can take your body too. For example: I am a class A Mesomorph – which means no matter how much I diet and exercise – waif body shape is not on my radar likewise being a curvacious babe is also off the cards.

There are three types of body shape: Ectomorph, Mesomorph and Endomorph – to find out what you are click the link below and take the test.

So here is a run down of each:



The natural skinny belinni

Ectomorphs generally look long limbed, carry little body fat, and appear quite angular, with narrow chest/waist/hips. Ectomorphs do not store fat easily, and tend to lose weight quickly.  Ectomorphs struggle to build significant muscle bulk even with a heavy weights program.  This means that curvy is not on the cards. Learn to love your slender look and embrace your body type. Naturally good at long distance and ballet – accept and enjoy


This is my territory

Mesomorphs generally look stockier, have shorter looking limbs, wide shoulders with narrower hips and waist that give them a v-shape.  Mesomorphs tend to look toned/muscular even if they don’t lift weights. We will never be waifs or curvy. Strong and sexy is our motto but be careful with weights as we grow muscles very easily. Stick to yoga and pilates to strengthen and lengthen that muscle mass. Don’t aim for skinny as you will become ill – enjoy the strength you naturally have



The curvy kardashians…

Endomorphs generally have a softer frame – not the angular or muscular look of the ectomorph and mesomorphs – with wide shoulders and wide hips.  Endomorphs generally store body fat easily.  This is not to say you are bigger than you should be – just naturally a softer and curvier build – think beyonce. You are the ones who rock the bodycon! If you are an endomorph – cardio and weight training is your game. If you need to lose weight do the cardio before the weights to reduce the “bulking” look.

All of us are different and we should embrace our body type. Love the skin you’re in and find the right exercise to suit you. Have a goal and ambition but be realistic with your goals. You may be a combo of types listed above but you will always have a predominant one.



Bequia: What To Pack

Bequia: What to Pack?

Heading to Bequia and not sure what to pack? Here are my top tips as to what to pack for Bequia.

First things first: Mosquito’s

There is mosquito’s all year around in Bequia as the environment is so lush.

They are not harmful but they will take a nibble if possible. The times to watch out are in the morning and the evening.

Be sure to pack mosquito repellent and appropriate precautions to keep these critters at bay.

What to wear in Bequia

What to wear in the Morning: 

Pack lots of light long sleeve tops or maxi dresses and wear deet.

It does get very warm so linen and cotton are ideal. Aim to get breakfast early so the time the mossies disappear and when the sun comes out you will be in beachwear.

What to wear in Bequia

What to wear in the Evening: 

Long sleeve shirts, maxi dress with shawl, long skirts and anything to cover exposed skin.

The bug spray will keep the mossie’s at bay and the evening weather is mild enough to wear more clothing.

What to wear in Bequia


Bikini, tankini, swimming costumes – the island is surrounded by the most beautiful ocean that invites you in. The island is not too conservative but I would suggest not going topless as this is not a very touristy island due to its location.

Stick to bandeau if you want to stop tan lines.

What to wear in Bequia

What to wear in the Daytime: 

Shorts, skirts, dresses – the island is there for exploring so wear clothes to explore.

Scratchy materials are not ideal as the weather is warm and any discomfort is un-necessary  What to wear in BequiaShoes: 

High heels are not necessary – there is a beautiful beach path leading from Port Elizabeth to Queen Margaret beach which is best done in flats.

Superga’s, trainers, flip flops, sandals and pumps.


Bequia is not Barbados.

It is not wrapped up in the more materialistic side of life – it is far more relaxed.

In the evening think simple, chic, chill and make sure you have something to protect from sea breeze if you like to be near the sea at night.

Jazz up a nice outfit with jewellery!What to wear in Bequia


Hat, sunglasses, deet, beach bag, handbag, mossie spray and sun-cream

Bequia is an island to explore: meet the locals, meet the people who have moved there, enjoy the cocktails and rum punches and take in the vast views of the Caribbean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean.

Use this as an opportunity to mix simple, chic and comfort into one wheelie suitcase. You won’t need much to keep it simple.

For More Information on Bequia Click Here: Bequia



Bequia: How to Get to Bequia

How to Get to BequiaHow to Get to Bequia

Bequia: Getting There 

Unless you are a sailing yacht the main route is via Barbados flights. Depending on the time of year you are heading there you may want to Google – How to Get to Bequia – however, this is the route I took to get there.

From Barbados, you will get a small connecting flight to the island with SVG Air (, from Barbados, £248 return, from St Lucia £231 return. (Check for most recent flight data)

This flight is not for the light-hearted and brace yourself for incredible views and an 8 seater plane.

How to Get to Bequia

The Connection Flight

You will enjoy the finest views of the Grenadines but be prepared for turbulence.

The plane is small and you will feel the bumps and nudges of the clouds and winds which you do not usually experience on a larger plane.

The pilot sits up in front of you and you can view the cockpit and all see exactly where you are going throughout the flight.

How to Get to Bequia

We took off with the clouds dotted through the skyline.

The pilot navigated in and out and through some of the clouds making for quite a hair-raising experience.

Both exciting and nerve-wracking, the experience is definitely unforgettable

As you start your descent into Bequia you will be blessed with some of the best views of the Grenadines and all the tiny islands that make up this beautiful and barely touched environment.

How to Get to Bequia

Top Tips For Getting There

Pack hand luggage

These flights only carry 8 people – if your long-haul flight is delayed they will wait for you and not your luggage – which is usually dropped off the next day.

I did not have this experience myself but I came prepared with a bikini, day dress, evening dress and travel essentials in my hand luggage which you take on board the little plane yourself.

Don’t Overdue Duty-Free

Bequia is a small island and they need to import most items. They are quite strict with what you bring in due to the import tax.

They are friendly at the airport if perhaps you make a small error but bottles of spirits and boxes of cigarettes are a no-no.

Don’t like flying? Prepare yourself

Take rescue remedy or meditate or do what you usually do for flights but times by two. This is a bumpy and loud short flight.


It is LOUD on the little plane – bring earplugs to drown out the noise.

How to Get to Bequia (Baggage Handling)

 How to Get to Bequia

When you arrive at the airport there are a couple of taxis available but due to the island being so small you will have someone calling the local “air-conditioned” taxi in no time at all.

How to Get to Bequia

When you arrive you drive through a beautiful fisherman’s town where the friendly locals and children will great you with a big smile or inquisitive eyes. The colours and the lush setting make a perfect welcome to Bequia.

You will start to feel how friendly the island is within minutes. The communities are happy to see tourism and new people visit their beautiful island.

How to Get to Bequia

Therefore, Sit back – Relax – Enjoy

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