Today’s Clean Eat – Food Preparation

 This is my food prep for the week 🙂

Planning is key to being healthy – if you don’t plan its easy to forget to bring food which will result in poor choices – as most food readily available is processed and full of chemicals

To start the day – my favourite – a boiled egg – one or two of these little delights set anybody up for the day – easily transported and if cooked right – delicious!



Next healthy snacks. Fruit is a perfect snack in the morning but should not be consumed in quantity after 2pm as fructose turns into sugar which then turns to fat if not burned 🙂 Carrot sticks and homemade beetroot and mint dip, hummus or tzatziki are perfect afternoon snacks – if you can add a bit more protein even better!

carrots and hummus


Lunch for me is simple: Prepare 100g of lean white meat or fish, 1/2 cup of complex carbohydrates (sweet potatoes are best) and cup of vegetables and salad.

meal prepI prepare up to 4 days in advance so I do not even have to think when I am rushed off my feet at work.

In a good fridge they will keep well and if you add fresh lemon to chicken and basil – the flavours infuse even more

Enjoy xxx


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