Today’s Workout – Victoria Secret Workout x

So who can deny the love of the Victoria Secret opening in New Bond Street, London?6


Finally we have affordable, beautiful, feminine and fun underwear as well as all the accessories to go with it!

I have decided that my underwear drawer needs a re-jig so I went in for a wee peek!

One thing I must say – I love Victoria Secret Models. I love everything they stand for! They are fitness super models. These girls work hard – train mean and eat clean! You cannot achieve a body like their’s without some serious hard work. They do not starve – they squat and you can tell!


They have strong core, legs and arms. You can search various Angel’s on youtube and see their workouts.


They promote health and fitness – not starvation 

I would go as far to say they are role models. They work hard with dedication, they are beautiful and they are tasteful. Inspiring women to be strong, sexy and feminine.

*Nov 14 - 00:05*

Now these Angels have inspired me to get my butt into order so that when I wear the underwear I too can feel like a Victoria Secret Angel (one hopes 😉 )

Here are some workouts that you can do – the countdown to Christmas begins – so lets get one step ahead! They can be done at home. I would recommend doing these before work – get up early, fasted workout, shower then have a protein filled breakfast to set you up for the day.

Make sure you try one of their sports bra’s for the high impact/cardio side of these workouts – – they are hot, sexy, fun and make you really wanna burn!


This 10 week plan is perfect for everyday conditioning workouts and daily HIIT – you don’t need a gym pass – just a bit of floor space and the great outdoor


This full body workout is perfect for splitting out over workouts in the gym!

I am doing part 1-4 of leg day and 5-7 on abs and upper body day

Lets go working angels xxx

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