Today’s London – Flesh and Buns


Is that Iron Maiden playing in Covent Garden!? Oh yes – we just stepped into Flesh and Buns!

What a breath of rock n roll fresh air!

We were on our way to see Queen’s of the Stone Age gig at Wembley so initiating in some rock n roll Asian food was the perfect warm up to an incredible show.

When I finally finished singing along – Nicolas and I settled in to our first drinks: Me as always a prosecco and Nicolas a Raspberry and Pineapple Cobbler – which was delicious


Navigating my way through then menu which consists of small plates – both hot and cold and the namely Flesh and Buns

Our adventure began with Mixed Seafood Cerviche – this wonderful dish is becoming ever more popular and seeing it more frequently on various menu’s around London – FYI if you are looking for a low calorie but insanely tasty dish – this is your ally!

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The Cerviche intertwined chilli, corn, lime and cucumber with a selection of raw seafood. It was delicious and invited you back to the point we began dipping our second small plate – Calamari – in the marinade left over. We finished our small plate selection with some soft shell crab rolls – crunchy, and flavour-some.

Now to the Flesh and Buns

We decided to go for the salmon teriyaki – with pickled cucumber. You have to order your buns to accompany the flesh – recommended is 2 per person to make sure all flesh and bun is combine perfectly!


(I was a newbie to this course so was given a quick lesson by Nicolas in the appropriate way to consume our dish)

In hindsight Nicolas updated that perhaps the Sirloin Steak may be the most appropriate way forward…however in the Salmon’s defense is was perfectly cooked: juicy, crispy and full of flavour!

The tunes were rolling, my singing was getting louder and after the 3rd game of name the band…we moved on to the s’more’s!

This is one of the most impressive dessert experiences I have had in London – the whole set up was brilliant – really bringing to life the campfire experience our American counterparts love!

Let’s begin…

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The fire arrived to our table – followed by the Marshmallows, biscuits, green tea chocolate

Place the Marshmallow over the fire – turning appropriately – otherwise you burn it and its gross

Take both biscuit and green tea chocolate and when the Marshmallow is ready to melt – apply both sides and squeeze

Nicolas may have been the King of the Bun but I was definitely Queen of the S’more


Flesh and Bun – is the perfect place for a quick bite to eat which is full of flavour and a new experience. My only fault I would give it – the staff are rather hasty and in your face – no sooner had you rested your chopstick for a second before they were pulling out the plates before you… therefore I would recommend for couples but not for dates . This in/out mentality is kinda a buzzkill for seed of romance.

The cocktails were superb – fruity, delicious and fresh 🙂

The Prosecco was served in a wine glass 🙁

The side plates were delicious 🙂

but all served at same time so the game to eat before they got cold left us stuffed 🙁

The Flesh and Buns – totally worth it 🙂

S’more – a winner in my Book 🙂

Results: two 🙁 and four 🙂

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