Vita Coco Coconut Oil and all its beautiful uses

Coconuts – the best beauty food on the planet.

This gorgeous tropical food nourishes you from the inside out.

With a number of possible uses it is no wonder the world is going nuts for Coconuts!

If you are relatively new to this superfood here are some of the wonderful ways you can use it.

in your cooking

Organic virgin coconut oil has a soft coconut aroma and more pronounced coconut flavour.  It stands up beautifully to high heat and the flavour marries beautifully with most foods. Coconut scrambled egg, avocados on toast and even in baking. This beautiful oil gives the body all the healthy fats it needs to glow.

rice, prawns and veg

on your skin

Coconut oil is rich in many proteins. These proteins keep skin healthy and rejuvenated, both internally and externally. Proteins also contribute to cellular health and tissue repair, along with a wide range of other essential activities within the body. For any damaged cells on or near the skin, a healthy of flow of proteins guarantees their replacement at a normal rate, whereas people with protein-deficient diets heal slower and often develop more obvious scars due to the extended healing time.

in your hair

The use of coconut oil on hair helps to reduce protein loss in both damaged as well as undamaged hair. Coconut oil rich in lauric acid, has a high affinity for hair protein, and easily penetrates inside the hair shaft, leaving your hair silky and shiny. It can be used for pre-wash or post-wash hair. Depending on how thin or thick your hair is – I would recommend using over night.


make up remover

The skin around your eyes is so delicate and thin – coconut oil allows you to swiftly remove make up with no tugging or rubbing. I was surprised by how quickly it took off eye makeup and by how easily it worked. “Coconut oil solubilizes or breaks up water-resistant substances used in eye shadow and mascara, releasing them from the skin and lashes,” says cosmetic chemist Joseph Cincotta.

So there you go…three wonderful ways coconut oil can be used in your daily life. Now before you go out and get sucked into the marketing… yes the big dogs have clocked on to this magic food… one tub can serve all your coconut purposes. I’ve recently been trying Vita Coco Coconut Oil raw, organic and cold-pressed this beautiful new addition is perfect. Buy small little mason jars to split it up and use around the house.

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