5 Stress Free Tips To Start The New Year

Start Your New Stress-Free Lifestyle

This year it’s all about health and happiness, trend forecasters are expecting clean living to explode in the coming months. If you want to grab this year by the horns and be the best you can be, step outside your comfort zone and give some of these trends a try.

Have Protein in the Morning 

Mornings in winter can be tough to start right especially when rising in the dark. Start your morning right with a simple shake to give you all the nutrients you need to kick-start your 2018 and nourish your body to keep it stress-free in the morning.

Vega is an incredible plant-based protein that helps build and maintain muscles with healthy eating, active living and protein.

Vega® Clean* Protein is a complete, multisource blend of premium plant-based protein made from pea, hemp, alfalfa and pumpkin. Protein is one of the bodies main building block and essential for concentration.

Reduce stress levels and start 2018 as you mean to go on.

I simply wake in the morning, head to the kitchen, grab my blender and put one scoop of Vega® Clean Protein Blend in with water or a nut milk (I use Pip N Nut Coconut Almond Milk) with ice.

Pip N Nut

Introduce Stress-Free Décor

Decor trends will take on a health-centred approach and embrace them.

Bedroom Plants

My top purchases for de-stressing my decor are;

  • Candles: Starting the day in low lit and beautiful smells completely zen’s me out rather than the bright lights
  • Amazon Echo: The latest gadgets that can wake you easily into the day, inform you of the weather to help assist in outfit choices and put on your favourite morning playlist to bring you into each day refreshed an organized.
  • Dyson Air Purifier: Pollution is a body killer. If you live in the city then I would definitely recommend purchasing an air cleaner. This air purifier pulls out pollutants, allergens and nasties to give you cleaner and fresher air. This will help you to breathe easier, be better for your skin and make your environment cleaner.
  • Plants: Fill your room full of nature. Plants not only are proven to relax you but they also soak up Co2 and emit Oxygen back into your room providing you with better air.

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Plan Your Goals For Year but Make them Bite-size

New years resolutions are great but most people find them stressful and can end up making you feel like a failure before you have even begun.

Make your new goals bitesize, achievable and timely – like micro goals.

For example; Your goal is to eat more Plant-Based Food.

Instead of worrying about every meal being vegetarian or worrying about what to cook for you or for your family/friends – simplify the goal and make it stress-free.

Set a goal that every day you will pack your lunch and include 3 vegetables.

Then for your dinner, you will include 3 more.

That equates to six portions of vegetables without the stress of worrying about what to cook or catering for other people who are eating with you and you have put your goal first!


Re-Nourish Your Body

Your body detects the slightest changes and stresses and adapts to it by releasing hormones. Fight or flight is one of the body’s first responses to any situation, and if the body is not fuelled correctly, can lead to either under or overeating due to stress.

To enable a balanced reaction to stressful situations, eat nourishing food regularly throughout the day. Healthy, simple and full of nutrients.

My simple Stress-Free days includes (but not limited to):

  • Greek Yoghurt with Spoon CerealsBerry Fix Museli and Blueberries for Breakfast
  • Veggies with Homemade Healthy Hummus 
  • A Tasty Salad loaded with;
    • Good fats like avocado or nuts
    • Lots of colour; tomatoes, beetroot, broccoli, carrot, sugar snap peas etc.
    • A protein eggs, fish, chicken, or tofu
    • A drizzle of olive or argan oil
    • Sprinkle with herbs for micronutrients (chopped basil and mint is delicious)
  • Delicious Goddess Bowls inspired by Bowls of Goodness

Bowls of Goodness

Simplify Your Self Care

This year take the stress out of all those products and simplify your skin routine.

Find your skin type, select the most natural skin regime for you and keep things simple.

Arganic Argan Oil

My go to’s are;

  • Therapi Honey Skincare for cleanser and toner
  • Arganic argan oil for face moisturiser and hair masks
  • Coconut oil for makeup removal, body moisturiser and pretty much most other things!

Hydration, good fats and a healthy diet are what keeps you looking younger, therefore, your products should only really be to take makeup off, cleanse your skin and re-hydrate.

Apart from that – it is all about diet.

Therapi Honey Skincare

For more ideas on how to introduce more stress-free tips into your lifestyle read more here on:





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