Today’s Manchester: To Juice or not to Juice…

I have been trying to work out ways while I am away in Manchester to getting my 7-a-day of veggies and fruit. Fruit is sometimes easier to do as apples and bananas go so well raw – however trying to get in the green stuff can sometimes be hard.


In my first week I stumbled across The Fruit Exchange in Manchester. Opening in 2012 it is an independent Juice Bar in the heart of Manchester which cater for Juices, Smoothies, lunches and also detox juice packages.


When you get inside the interior is beautifully decorated – invites you in to all their healthy goodness.

When ordering you can choose your size, which juice (or other item you would like) and then their helpful staff juice it there in front of you. Their menu caters for dietary requirements if you are dairy free and list everything very clearly so no nasties are too be seen.


For those with a sweet tooth they also do frozen yoghurt and an array of “healthy” whole food cookies on the counter if you need something a little more jazzy that day.


My favourite is one of the top Green Juices: Wake up Call! 

This consists of Spinach, Lime, Cucumber, Apple & Celery – a perfect wake up to a cold morning in Manchester. It is delicious, nutritious and has three veggies in to get those 7-a-day into your diet.


Would recommend a visit health family! x

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