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The key to life is Balance

Working in a fast-paced, digital and stressful environment can take its toll on your mind body and soul. This is a platform to share experiences from working in the media landscape and tips I apply to keeping balanced.

I am not a professional but I do follow these practices myself. Take what you need and merely see it as advice. If you are struggling with something that is deeper please do seek professional help. These are merely guidelines.
Live life balanced


Natural Ways To Keeping Stress Free | Lifestyle

Cleanse & Detox - Cleanse Nurture Restore

Are you sick and tired of well always being sick and tired?

I am!

Stress can impact us all in many different ways and it can creep up on us out of nowhere. With stresses lurking around every corner it is understandable we feel this way!

Living in a town and city there are ‘stresses’ everywhere. Rush hour in the morning, constant digital activity, sirens, crowds, coffee, too many things on our plate, notification after notification and the fact that life just keeps us – well – busy.

Many of the things listed above can’t go away. We all need to go to work, live our day to day lives and balance work + play – that is the way life is. However, there are small ways we can support our body to ensure that when the going gets tough we are prepared.

The Perfect Blend Pukka Herbs Are you sick of being stressed out

Natural Ways To Keeping Stress Free!

I thought I would share my top natural ways to keep stress free and hope that by introducing some simple swaps you can #girlboss your way into each week!

1) Meditation

The buzz word at the moment…but it works.

A simple technique practised for as few as 10 minutes per day can help you control stress, decrease anxiety, improve cardiovascular health, and achieve a greater capacity for relaxation.

If you have never done it before I would recommend Headspace or Buddhify. Great apps for guiding you and they have different meditations depending on how you feel. You have to pay £4.99 for Buddhify but I would definitely recommend the purchase.

Peace And Harmony Pukka

2) Herbal Supplements

– Ashwagandha

Last year by a friend who introduced me to Ashwagandha. This root has been used for centuries to help those with adrenal and nervous system problems. Research shows that this root calms and energises and helps us adapt to stress in our modern day lives. I rRecommend: Pukka Ashwagandha

– Turmeric

Happiness is one thing you can never get enough of, and curcumin found in turmeric plays a powerful role in getting and keeping your mood high. Turmeric has also been linked to protecting against sleep deprivation, therefore if you find that you are a night worrier, including this herb/spice into your diet can boost your overall zen.

I find the best way to slip this little spice in my daily diet is via a supplement (again Pukka) or this delicious Turmeric Latte by Wunder Workshop

Turmeric Latte CynCity







3) Get Outside

Out of the office, out of the city or just out for a lunch time. Moving your body and breathing in fresh air is good for the soul. You will find that any stressful encounter or phone call can leave you ready to burst but a 10 minute walk around

You will find that any stressful encounter or phone call can leave you ready to burst but a 10-minute walk with some deep breaths can restore you back to a normal place.

Ideally, if you can get to the great outdoors! Get some quality fresh air, long walks, good food and peace & quiet – Hygge if you will – you will reset ready to tackle the year head on!

Roses Pukka Last Chapter Cleanse Nurture Restore

4) Regular Massage

Massage can work wonders when you’re stressed out. We hold a lot of tension in our bodies and having someone work out those knots can really loosen you up.

One of my favourite apps to use is Urban Massage – you type in what massage you want, choose your therapist and they come to your home!! Yes! So after a long day all you need to do is get home, get comfy and let the professionals do the work.

If you sign up using the link on my home page… you’ll also get a £10 off your first massage 😉

The images in this blog came from Cleanse, Nurture, Restore with Herbal Tea by Sebastian Pole of Pukka Herbs – I would highly recommend a read!

I hope you enjoy my little tips. These are genuine tricks which I use to maintain my cool and ride through the stressful times. We all go through them and finding little coping mechanisms can truly ease you through.


5 Ways to Cure Sore Muscles after the Gym

Do your muscles ache the day after the gym?

Struggle with the stairs?

Does it put you off going the next day?

5 Ways to Cure Sore Muscles after the Gym

Here are 5 tricks I use to make sure I keep on track of my workouts and to keep those sore muscles at bay.


This one is a bit of a no-brainer. You must replace the water lost in workouts so your body continues to function. When you put your body under stress it needs to be consistently hydrated.
Make sure you are getting at least 2 litres of water a day. You can make this more funky by having herbal teas (my favourite are Pukkaany flavour) or by putting lemon and mint in your water to add flavour!

5 Ways to Cure Sore Muscles after the Gym

Foam Rolling

Foam Rolling lets you roll out those tight muscles. This is crucial when training with weights when your muscles are getting stronger. Foam Rolling allows you to take the pressure deeper – really working into those tighter areas. This allows you to work the tightness and get you back in the weights section quicker.
If you don’t have time to foam roll in the gym (plus you can look and sound very strange when you find the tighter spots)

I recommend buying a roller for home and spending 20 minutes when catching up on your favourite show.


There will be times, especially when starting a new routine, when you may need to bring in a professional.

Massage not only makes you feel better and relax but it also helps with muscle recovery. Knots and tightness can really impact your workout – so getting a professional to relieve the pressure can really help.

Having a massage can really help you identify injuries or potential problems which could be exacerbated by certain exercises.

I recently have been having trouble with my legs and neck. My neck and legs were stiff, sore and it was affecting my sleep.

I was recommended to get a massage ASAP!

I booked a sports massage to my house (amazing – I know!) using Urban Massage App!

The masseuse worked through all the layers easing the tension. I had no idea how tight some of the larger muscle groups were. Her hands were magic and by the end of the massage, my muscles had melted.

If you don’t have the time to go to a spa or are nervous about booking a massage – try using Urban Massage App
I have the app on my phone and have now started booking massages every couple of months to help re-align from training

For a little treat click here and get 10% off your First Massage!

Warm Bath

Grab those Epsom Salts and Lavender Oil and fill up the bath with warm/hot water and soak those muscles. If you have time the optimum time to relax those muscles and detoxify is 30-40mins.

If you find it hard to sit still for that long and wind down… take in a good book or listen to a podcast while you unwind.

5 Ways to Cure Sore Muscles after the Gym


The vital ingredient to any recovery!

No excuses: if you are not getting 8 hours you are not allowing your body to recover.

Sleep and hydration allow your body to work at its best.

Switch off your phone, turn off the tv, get into bed an hour early and read…meditate…relax and wind down and give yourself enough time to get in those 8 hours.

5 Ways to Cure Sore Muscles after the Gym

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5 Ways To Stop Mindless & Emotional Eating

Stress-Free Lifestyle Tips

You’re sat at your desk and all of a sudden your inbox is full to the brim, that colleague of yours is constantly asking questions, your boss is putting pressure on you… not to mention all the washing, chores and other odds and sods waiting for you at home.

5 Ways To Stop Mindless & Emotional Eating


You thought this week would be the week you start eating healthy and ditching the crap. You’ve realised you skipped breakfast for the caramel latte and all of a sudden its 11 am and you’re stressed, hungry and about 10 seconds from hitting the vending machine!


Here are some top tips of how to stop emotional and mindless eating at work.

Say “No” and Supply Alternative

Stop yourself.

Pause and say to yourself – will this sugary sensation help?

Will it get me closer to getting my jeans to feel comfortable?

Will it make my day less stressful?

Saying no means sometimes eating what you know will make you happy later on even when you really want chocolate cake now. 

Fill your bag and desk full of healthy alternatives. Pull out those carrot sticks and homemade hummus.

Go and get a glass of water or make a cup of tea. Get up and go for a walk. Distract that pang and focus on what will truly make you happy.

5 Ways To Stop Mindless & Emotional Eating

Healthy office snacks

Chocolate Won’t Make Stress Go Away

The sweet sensation of sucking on a piece of chocolate may make you have a few minutes of taste but this will be followed by a sugar rush.

You will have a brief period of increased energy followed by a severe low.

You may even go through the guilt cycle of “I shouldn’t have had that” “I was supposed to have a healthy week” etc etc.

Sugar is never the answer to a stressful situation – in fact, it can make it a thousand times worse.

Find out what is triggering your stress at that moment. Pause. Take 5 minutes to deal with it. Acknowledge the want for the chocolate and then let it go.

5 Ways To Stop Mindless & Emotional Eating


Don’t want to eat like a rabbit? Then don’t!

Unless you love salad, in which case, crack on, however, if you’re like the majority of the human race, we associate eating lettuce leaves with “being on a diet” and that automatically makes you feel restricted.

Instead, fill your lunchbox with some delicious whole food recipes. Try new things. Find out what you like and try out something off the wall. Get some new recipe books in and have a research.

5 Ways To Stop Mindless & Emotional Eating


Love Your Body Its The Only One You’ve Got

Right now is your prime! This second is the youngest you will remember.

You will look back at photos and look at this time and wish you still had that youth. When mindlessly eating or feeling stressed out and grazing… think about the future.


You are what you eat and you will want your body to be full of the most nourishing foods out there.

Think skin: avocados

Think hair: coconut

Think body: lean protein and these triggers will guide you

Think Cellulite… yes vending machine I am looking at you!

Pip N NutGet Support From Your Friends

Making the right choices can sometimes be hard if people around you are not making the same choices. Share with a friend.

Make yourself accountable to someone at work… someone who can stop you mindlessly reaching for the 3 pm biscuit tin, or when you’re out for coffee saying the no-way to the Hazelnut Latte!

5 Ways To Stop Mindless & Emotional Eating

Beetroot Hummus

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Is Massage Good For You?


This week I have been thinking a lot about massage. Not the cheeky ones you pinch off your other half – I mean the sports, Thai and deep tissue offered around. Most of us have had a massage at some point in our lives – usually as a treat at a spa weekend or when we manage to coerce our partners into giving us a little back rub but have you ever considered the benefits of this little treat?

Why is massage good for you?

Research suggests that regular massages are actually very important to our bodies. They help relieve stress, aid with inflammation and can actively help promote health and well-being.

Our poor little backs take on so much pressure from our day to day lives. We rarely get the opportunity to look after our back because we cannot reach it ourselves. Unlike the rest of our body, we cannot reach all areas of our back which consist of some of the biggest muscles in the body.

 So let’s have a look at what regular massage can do for our bodies…

  • Back Ache – Regular massage can help with rehabilitating back problems. Sitting at a desk all day and using computers puts a strain on our neck and shoulders. Many of us do not sit correctly at a desk and do not get the opportunity to move around. This can lead to poor posture and muscle strain. Regular massage can release the muscles that become tight over time. This makes you feel less tired and relieve the aches that you may be feeling on a day to day basis


  • Stress and anxiety – For the same reasons that a massage is relaxing, it can also soothe anxiety and depression. Massage reduces levels of the stress hormone cortisol, resulting in lifted spirits and often lower blood pressure. It can also boost the neurotransmitters serotonin and dopamine, which are involved in depression.

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Is Massage Good For You?

  • Weight-loss and Performance – Spending time in the gym lifting weights and doing HIIT can often lead to fatigue and muscle ache. When you have muscle ache your performance in the gym goes down by about 40%. Regular massage and sports massage can relieve muscle tension and elongate the tight muscles. This then allows you to push harder, faster and stronger in the gym and stay committed to your goals

Is Massage Good For You?

  • Sleep – For those who have had a massage – ever fallen asleep while on the table? Research suggests that massage promotes deeper sleep as it has an impact on your delta waves (the waves associated with a deep sleep)


  • Immunity and lymphatic drainage – Regular massage helps with lymphatic drainage. The lymph system carries waste products away from the tissues in the muscles and body back to the heart. Regular massage also helps with the build up of toxins in certain muscles in the body and breaks these toxins down in order that they can flush out of the system. It’s also great if you have PMT!

Massage should be a regular occurrence in our lives – much like getting a facial!

However, if you are like and are thinking – I don’t have the time or money to find a good massage place near me. Or you may be worried about having a wonderful massage and then having to commute home – adding more stress to your day… well I have a little treat for you…

Let me introduce to you Urban Massage

Urban Massage is London’s top-rated mobile massage company. They deliver a range of professional massages on-demand, direct to your home and the best news is that they can be with you within the hour. You can choose your preferred treatment and therapist as well as treatment length, date and time.

What else is also great… you can get £20 off your first massage using this code: 


I’ve been using this company a long time and I absolutely love them. They are a small company in London made up of a really cool team. They go above and beyond for customer satisfaction and will make you feel comfortable in any surrounding.

Free those muscles release your back and love your body. Make massage a regular part of your health and well-being. When work is taking it out of you, you need to take time out for yourself.

Happy Massaging.


5 Tips to Find a Work-Life Balance to Succeed in Your Profession

5 Tips to Find a Work-Life Balance to Succeed in Your Profession

Today’s industries are usually fast-paced, and it’s easy to fall into the trap of becoming a workaholic. Successfully juggling work with your hobbies and social life seems to be so difficult these days that it could qualify as an Olympic sport.

Paradoxically, this obsession with work makes a person counter-productive. Studies suggest work-related depression and anxiety is on the rise, resulting in lower productivity levels. A survey about the British workforce revealed that 12.5 million business days were lost in 2017 due to work-related stress, depression, and anxiety, and burnout from workload was one of the main causes.

In other words, a lot of employees know how to work hard, but not all know how to work smart. Maintain your productivity with these tips and get your work-life balance in check.

1. Make sleep a priority

Most goal-getters would think getting enough sleep is expendable. In truth, however, performance soars when a person gets a good night’s sleep, and Leesa has listed the reasons why sleep is important: well-rested people are less stressed, more creative, and more likely to enjoy healthy habits like exercising.

Generally, people with sufficient sleep are happier; and happy people prove to be better workers. Media strategist Danielle Sabrina delved into the correlation between the positive emotion and productivity, stating that a happy organisation has mutual respect, support, and appreciation among its members. All of this results to a collaborative work culture.

2. Start the day right

A good start is the best way to a good finish. Taking control of the first few hours of the day carries out into how the rest of your day will go. Forbes revealed that the most successful people start their day with a personalised routine, motivating them for the day’s work and improving their mood even during the toughest of work days.

Cyntra in the city

3. Stop trying to do everything in a day

A good way to plan the day is to identify and/or write the top tasks that must be accomplished and commit to completing them, with no excuses. By applying priority levels to your tasks, the mind can concentrate on what’s important without being frazzled by an overload of other lesser responsibilities, leading to more work is done in less time.

4. Do work at the workplace, and nowhere else

One of the most crucial rules for the best work-life balance is to not take work home. Separating professional from personal spaces gives you that much-needed room to breathe once out of the office. Simple habits like turning off all work notifications on devices after business hours, or removing all work-related items from a home space, keep you more relaxed. This way, you’re eliminating the unnecessary stress from the visual reminders of your job. It also helps you focus more on accomplishing work within the designated working hours, and ultimately prevents burnout.

5. Remember to invest in a social life

It’s important to have consistent reminders that there’s life outside of work. The Muse suggests scheduling recurring social activities, such as weekly dinner dates with friends, or a monthly book club. Planning a social life around work instead of the other way around provides a person with a source of enjoyment from something other than work-related success, and an avenue to blow off steam if the work week didn’t go as planned.

You can do anything not everything

All things considered, achieving a good work-life balance has a lot to do with perspective. Things like adequate sleep, morning routines, and leisure spaces might be simple for some people, but the combined impact of these minute details can effectively boost work productivity. Ultimately, success in your profession not only lies in how much work you can accomplish in a day but also in how you improve yourself on a holistic level.

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Top tips for a stress-free happy lifestyle


it is a doing word

Remaining positive and happy on a day to day basis may be tough. There are so many things that can impact your state of mind from stress, relationships, friendships, work, life goals, health, and the unknown.

Each day when you wake up you need to make a conscious decision to frame your day…even if sometimes you just want the world to swallow you up and just hide from it all.

These are some of my daily habits to keep a stress-free happy lifestyle, even when the going gets tough.

Stree free lifestyle blogger happy anxiety


I don’t know about you but I can really connect with songs. They can change my perspective, move my soul and put a smile or tear on my face.  Certain genres really resonate with my moods.

Some songs I listen to when I am overwhelmed to put into perspective life and calm my nerves.

Find your playlist, sit back and relax. Leave the stress of the day and indulge in the sounds.

Take time in your day to commit to a stress-free happy lifestyle.


Endorphins are my drug. When life is bringing me down – exercise can bring me up.

A quick HIIT session or a power walk really helps adjust my frame of mind. If something is bothering me instead of wasting my energy on stressing about that situation I try to expend that energy by releasing some endorphins.

Exercise is a powerful tool when de-stressing and remaining calm – so if you ever feel yourself in a stressful situation… remove yourself, go for a walk and a run and re-visit when you are in a calmer frame of mind.

footlocker puma stress free blogger

As a serial over-thinker: when you have no energy left – you have no more energy to worry.

Learn to let go.


I am my toughest critic. I am a people pleaser. I put those around me first. I overthink.

But sometimes I just feel like a failure. 

These low points are the times when positive affirmations come into play.

The negative inner voice dwells in all of us. The one that tells you-you’re not good enough, the one that says you’re failing, you’re not good enough, everyone is doing better than you… its all personal to each person but we all have one.

Practise your affirmations:

You are unique
You are worth it
You are blessed to be alive
You deserve to be happy
Believe in fate – it will take you to your destiny

You will have affirmations which resonate with you but remember them. Put them on your phone. Read them when the inner voice comes.

beautiful quote flowers cyncity


Sometimes in life, you find yourself spending all your energy doing things for other people.

This could be for work, relationships, friends, family, housework etc.

Take time to reconnect with what makes you happy. This could be pouring yourself a gorgeous cup of Pukka Serene Tea while reading the latest edition of Vogue. This could be shopping while listening to your favourite tunes, Baking, Walking, Seeing Friends, Brunching, Painting… you name it – if it makes you happy take time to do it.

Clear your diary, get up early and have a date with you. At the end of the day, you are the only person who can make you happy. Anything else is just a bonus.

breakfast happy cyncity cyntra

Keeping positive is something you need to work at

I know it may seem that everyone does has a stress-free happy lifestyle naturally (especially with Instagram and facebook capturing the best moments of people’s lives)

Ups and downs are natural it’s just how we deal with them that changes our perspective.

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Balance/ Recipes

5 Tips To Fat Loss Without The Gym

If you are like me and have a full-time job it can be hard to get to the gym before work (in the pitch black) or after work (in the pitch black) or you may not have a gym membership.

Don’t stress yourself too much about this comparing yourself to others. A stress-free lifestyle is about balance.

Here are my 5 tips to fat loss that require No Gym – Little Time – Maximum Results

Start your day with a Protein Shake

Many people do not have time for breakfast in the morning.

It’s understandable – with all the other things going on and getting up in the pitch black the first thing most people want to reach for is a hot cup of the good stuff.


9 times out of 10 – when you skip breakfast you play tricks on your blood sugar which can lead you to reach for crappy choices later on

If you start your day with a high-quality protein shake: you have hit your protein goal for breakfast, will feel fuller till lunch and will be helping yourself keep those energy levels high to tackle the new year!

My Protein Recommendations are:

Vega Essentials

  • Packed with fruits and veg, and full of greens
  • High in 16 essential vitamins and minerals, including iron, B12 and calcium
  • High in Omega-3 fatty acids from flaxseed
  • High in protein, made from a complete multisource plant-based blend of pea, flaxseed and hemp

5 Tips To Fat Loss Without The Gym

Clean and Lean

£49.95 – Body Brilliance – I have this with some of their Ultimate Clean Fibre with Coconut Milk in the morning when I need a protein boost and want to get my extra fibre. It is really filling and tastes great.

5 Tips To Fat Loss Without The Gym

20 Minute Home HIIT workout

Get up 20 minutes early – whack on your favourite radio station or playlist and just thrash it out.

It’s 20 minutes!

I have spent longer checking my Instagram feed in the morning so I have no excuses and neither do you!

Try DailyOm for the workout that suits you or YouTube is the perfect solution.

Walk to Work

Getting your 10,000 steps a day has never been so important in a society where we spend most of the day sat on our behinds.

This leads to poor posture, big bellies, flat bottoms and a whole host of other health problems

By getting your 10,000 steps – the weight will drop off you. Being continually active throughout the day keeps your body being an efficient burning machine.

Download Pacer App

Water – Hydration – Water

Really – do you really need to be told – drink water

It will transform every aspect of your life from letting go of toxins held in your body, letting your skin glow and look glorious, helping with water retention and not to mention the calories you will burn from those extra trips to the loo!

5 Tips To Fat Loss Without The Gym

Take the stairs – 2 at a time

Right now you are probably thinking I am mad. Quite Possibly!

But… hear me out. If you make small changes every day to your routine you will start to see the difference.

Steps are incredible for your glute muscles. Taking the stairs helps increase blood flow and engage those muscles in your backside. When you take two steps at a time you are bringing together two gym moves which are fantastic for shaping that behind of yours.

You don’t need to be negative, drastic or restrictive to achieve your goals!

Remember to smile and make the little changes to see those big results!

Lead that Stress-Free Lifestyle you deserve

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Balance/ Recipes

Mocha Choca Protein Oats

p oats 3

This delicious combination of Chirpy Choca Mocha Protein, oats, dark chocolate and blueberries is the perfect post-workout treat when you are feeling a little indulgent.

When you have a tough session in the gym you need to reward your muscles.

Protein is important to support muscle growth. This means turning your bottoms into beautiful pert round muscle and keeping your abs strong.

Carbohydrates post workout take energy to your recovering muscles and boosts your glycogen levels to give you energy. Chocolate – well chocolate is wonderful in its own right – but it also boosts serotonin levels. Blueberries, as we all know, are a Superfood so the perfect addition to this wonderful treat.



2 scoops of That Protein Chirpy Chirpy Choca Mocha Protein Powder

1 cup of Oats

Couple of cubes of Dark Chocolate

1.5 cups of Coconut/ Almond / Alternative Milk

0.5 cups of Water

A handful of Blueberries


Place protein, oats and milk in a pan and bring to a simmer

protein mix

When the mixture is fully mixed together add the cubes of dark chocolate

When the mixture has simmered and starts to look like delicious porridge take off the heat and add to a bowl

Top with Blueberries

protein oats

Delicious and nutritious this perfect little pot of goodness is a sure fire way to leave your stomach feeling happy and your body feeling nourished.

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5 Stress Free Tips To Start The New Year

Start Your New Stress-Free Lifestyle

This year it’s all about health and happiness, trend forecasters are expecting clean living to explode in the coming months. If you want to grab this year by the horns and be the best you can be, step outside your comfort zone and give some of these trends a try.

Have Protein in the Morning 

Mornings in winter can be tough to start right especially when rising in the dark. Start your morning right with a simple shake to give you all the nutrients you need to kick-start your 2018 and nourish your body to keep it stress-free in the morning.

Vega is an incredible plant-based protein that helps build and maintain muscles with healthy eating, active living and protein.

Vega® Clean* Protein is a complete, multisource blend of premium plant-based protein made from pea, hemp, alfalfa and pumpkin. Protein is one of the bodies main building block and essential for concentration.

Reduce stress levels and start 2018 as you mean to go on.

I simply wake in the morning, head to the kitchen, grab my blender and put one scoop of Vega® Clean Protein Blend in with water or a nut milk (I use Pip N Nut Coconut Almond Milk) with ice.

Pip N Nut

Introduce Stress-Free Décor

Decor trends will take on a health-centred approach and embrace them.

Bedroom Plants

My top purchases for de-stressing my decor are;

  • Candles: Starting the day in low lit and beautiful smells completely zen’s me out rather than the bright lights
  • Amazon Echo: The latest gadgets that can wake you easily into the day, inform you of the weather to help assist in outfit choices and put on your favourite morning playlist to bring you into each day refreshed an organized.
  • Dyson Air Purifier: Pollution is a body killer. If you live in the city then I would definitely recommend purchasing an air cleaner. This air purifier pulls out pollutants, allergens and nasties to give you cleaner and fresher air. This will help you to breathe easier, be better for your skin and make your environment cleaner.
  • Plants: Fill your room full of nature. Plants not only are proven to relax you but they also soak up Co2 and emit Oxygen back into your room providing you with better air.

Shop The Post:

Plan Your Goals For Year but Make them Bite-size

New years resolutions are great but most people find them stressful and can end up making you feel like a failure before you have even begun.

Make your new goals bitesize, achievable and timely – like micro goals.

For example; Your goal is to eat more Plant-Based Food.

Instead of worrying about every meal being vegetarian or worrying about what to cook for you or for your family/friends – simplify the goal and make it stress-free.

Set a goal that every day you will pack your lunch and include 3 vegetables.

Then for your dinner, you will include 3 more.

That equates to six portions of vegetables without the stress of worrying about what to cook or catering for other people who are eating with you and you have put your goal first!


Re-Nourish Your Body

Your body detects the slightest changes and stresses and adapts to it by releasing hormones. Fight or flight is one of the body’s first responses to any situation, and if the body is not fuelled correctly, can lead to either under or overeating due to stress.

To enable a balanced reaction to stressful situations, eat nourishing food regularly throughout the day. Healthy, simple and full of nutrients.

My simple Stress-Free days includes (but not limited to):

  • Greek Yoghurt with Spoon CerealsBerry Fix Museli and Blueberries for Breakfast
  • Veggies with Homemade Healthy Hummus 
  • A Tasty Salad loaded with;
    • Good fats like avocado or nuts
    • Lots of colour; tomatoes, beetroot, broccoli, carrot, sugar snap peas etc.
    • A protein eggs, fish, chicken, or tofu
    • A drizzle of olive or argan oil
    • Sprinkle with herbs for micronutrients (chopped basil and mint is delicious)
  • Delicious Goddess Bowls inspired by Bowls of Goodness

Bowls of Goodness

Simplify Your Self Care

This year take the stress out of all those products and simplify your skin routine.

Find your skin type, select the most natural skin regime for you and keep things simple.

Arganic Argan Oil

My go to’s are;

  • Therapi Honey Skincare for cleanser and toner
  • Arganic argan oil for face moisturiser and hair masks
  • Coconut oil for makeup removal, body moisturiser and pretty much most other things!

Hydration, good fats and a healthy diet are what keeps you looking younger, therefore, your products should only really be to take makeup off, cleanse your skin and re-hydrate.

Apart from that – it is all about diet.

Therapi Honey Skincare

For more ideas on how to introduce more stress-free tips into your lifestyle read more here on:





Balance/ Recipes

Healthy Homemade Hummus

Stress-Free Homemade Healthy Hummus

Delicious and stress-free healthy hummus recipes. These easy recipes are great go-to for lunches, snacks, dinner parties or just to have in the fridge when hunger strikes.

Beetroot Hummus

Beetroot Hummus

  • 1can of chickpeas
  • 4 beetroots – cooked and peeled
  • 2 cloves of garlic
  • a squeeze of lemon
  • olive oil
  • 1 tablespoon of 0% Fage yoghurt
  • cumin
  • salt and pepper

Put all in a pot and blend. Season to taste

 Caramelised Red Onion hummus

Homemade Hummus

  • 1 can chickpeas
  • 2 cloves of garlic
  • a squeeze of lemon
  • olive oil
  • 1 red onion
  • Paprika, salt and pepper
  • Tahini
  • Water

Caramelise the onions in balsamic vinegar and olive oil.

Leave to reduce and simmer down. Blend all other ingredients together – season to taste.

Place in fridge to cool and when onions have cooled – add onions and leave to cool again.

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#Christmas Gift Guide


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#Christmas Gift Guide

It is coming to that wonderful time of the year when the mulled wine is flowing, the crackers are popping and Mariah Carey is playing at full volume! With all the celebrations filling our diary it can often be quite hard to get out to the shops to buy your nearest and dearest those special gifts!

Well this year I have tried to make the search a little easier by listing my Christmas Gift Guide inspired by #BFF

To keep it current I have separated my friends out by their hashtags! We all have them!

Hope you enjoy and any questions… comment below!

Gifts for your #OOTD friend: Astley Clarke

We all have that friend… the one that nails the #ootd every day. With so much style, what on earth could you get her?!

Well, no more fear Astley Clarke have the perfect piece for you. Exquisitely made and invitingly stylish; their price ranges start from just £20.

My current favourite piece is the Black Spinel Evil Eye bracelet in Black. Exotic but stylish – perfect for that friend who is A-Game on the gram.


Gifts for the #COFFEEADDICT: Cru Kafe

cru kafe gift guide cyntra in the city

Yep, we all have that one friend…

The Coffee Snob.

The one who leaves you baffled when they make their order of coffee ‘I’ll have a full skim piccolo latte with dusting on the side…’ (jokes- I know that made no sense)

and god forbid you to go to make them instant…

Well look no further Cru Kafe have you sorted. Providing coffee to some of the most well-known establishments in the country; their coffee and accessories is the perfect gift for your #coffeeaddict friend.

Order the Discovery Edition (pictured below) for just £21. A great way to have fantastic ethically and sustainable sourced coffee from your nespresso maker.


The perfect Secret Santa gift of the Keep Cup for just £16. This mug is ideal for coffee lovers who want to be able to enjoy their favourite beverage any time, any where! So they can get up in the morning and grab their brew and run!

cru kafe gift guide cyntra in the city


Gifts for #CLEANLIVING: La Eva

Clean living? Clean eating? Organic? Sustainable? What gift would be perfect for your world conscious friend? Well, let me introduce you, La Eva.
Anyone who knows me knows how obsessed I am with this brand! From their beautiful packaging to the organic and glorious ingredients inside, La Eva is the perfect gift for that green goddess friend of yours this Christmas.

If you haven’t heard of this delightful brand you are about to go on a journey of artisan discovery. La Eva, born out of a small town in Oxfordshire, is run by a pixie-like, incredibly creative, and quality striving individual called Louisa.

Soil association certified and gorgeously organic – this brand really sets itself into a different league.

The products

When you are introduced to the products you are instantly hit by their incredible design. Paint textures of hues of blue or pink, the eyes are enlightened. If you head to their website La-Eva, the paint texture theme continues, with incredible depictions of colour created by Rose-Marie Caldecott. But before I get distracted with how visually beautiful the products are – let us talk about what the products are like.

The range is split in two: Roseum and Blu. The product ranges take you down two sensory routes. Created with the highest quality ingredients, La Eva, believe that every product should be gentle enough to be used on the face and therefore it is gentle enough for the rest of the body.

LA eva blu review Christmas Gift Guide

This is the perfect gift for the conscious friend who sources their ingredients with ultimate care.

Gifts for the #FOODIE: bowls of goodness

This is the one for that friend who can’t take a bite without first getting the gram!

Gorgeous creations which will hype their feed to the next level – the bowls of goodness will leave your mouth watering and their #foodporn photos poppin’

Christmas Gift Guide

It is currently selling for just £5.99 down from £16.99 so grab while you can. This gift is so gorgeous I even ordered one for myself…tut tut I know!

Happy Gifting!

Balance/ Stress Free Style

Salon 64 | London

salon 64, cyntra, cyncity, whats new


We have all been there – rolled out of bed early, hit the alarm clock, ran out the door and as we sit having our morning coffee realize that we only put on one eye of mascara?

The out comes the phone or the awkward hand held mirror as we try to piece together a relatively normal face of make up for the day?

Well let me introduce to you SALON64!

is a brand new concept hidden in the streets of Soho. Just off Dean Street there lies a social hub for the 21st century trendsetter – a space where you can meet your friends, grab a coffee, do your make up and host a meeting… oh and did I mention have a blow dry from one of the most sought after hair styling team in London?

salon 64, cyntra, cyncity, whats new

The Style Bar Soho

As you enter Salon 64 you are met by the beautiful artsy design of the salon and the Style Bar space situated at the front window where you can plug in your iPhone, relax and have a coffee and prepare for your morning meetings after your commute!

Their coffee is exquisite with their very own coffee beans roasted by Vagabond to give you that morning buzz! Also, if you are feeling a little bit like you need a sweet hit – their pure chocolate based hot chocolate is not to be missed!

salon 64, cyntra, cyncity, whats new

The Bar

Next to the The Style Bar, The Bar serves a varying menu of drinks and snacks, it is the ideal place to meet friends or have a meeting.

It is designed to allow you to work on a laptop or tablet while having a creative space to chat and get your #girlboss on.

salon 64, cyntra, cyncity, whats new

Blow Dry

If you’re running from work to meet your friends or heading out on an impromptu date – run on in and the team are there have got you sorted with a pampering nail treatment or quick blow dry.

Beachy, big or whatever style you need the team there are so welcoming and really helpful in giving you a few tips to keep your mane in good check.

Their gorgeous products are all organic and made in Italy. Naturally nourishing for your locks – which is definitely what we need among all the city pollution.

salon 64, cyntra, cyncity, whats new

Art of the Conversation

Toward the back of Salon 64 is the fire pit area. This is where the concept really comes alive. The fire pits offer a space for you to work, host meetings, have your hair done and even catch up with friends while you get ready for the weekend.

It is so dynamic. You will see people nibbling a croissant in the morning preparing for the day ahead. People having their hair done and catching up over the days office goss before heading out into the Big Smoke. People just sitting back and enjoying London’s latest offering.

The area can be a table, a mirror, a dressing table and somewhere to have your hair blown. I can’t quite articulate it myself – you just have to go in!


I am always looking for simple hacks to save me time and energy – and this is definitely one.

I love it for these three reasons:

  1. They serve GREAT artisan coffee

2. Ricky and the team are truly welcoming and really get you involved in the conversation! Their passion is tangible!

3. ANYONE who can give me big curls when I ask for big curls gets my seal of approval!

salon 64, cyntra, cyncity, whats new


Ricky Walters, owner of Salon 64, employs his expertise in the science of hair and beauty to direct a team of cosmetologists, ordering a number of highly specialized hair styling and colouring options as well as beauty & pampering treatments:

Creative Director/ Owner – upon consultation only (booking required)

Styling Services:

Cut & blowdry from £77.00

Blowdry from £55.00

Hair up from £70.00

Gents cut from £50.00

Colour Services:

Full head of Highlights from£185.00

Half head of Highlights from £145.00

Tint from £90.00

Nail Spa Treatments

Essential Manicure from £45.00

Essential Pedicure from £55.00


Too Many Tabs Stressing You Out

Too Many Tabs Open

Are you guilty of your screen looking like this?

Too Many Tabs Open

To some of us, it may feel like we are super organised and make sure we don’t miss something but, in fact, having this much going on at once on our screen limiting our ability to succeed?

With attention spans getting smaller by the day and stress levels going through the roof – there is some consideration that having all your tabs open on your screen as your digital to-do list is actually inhibiting you from performing your best and stressing you out.

Top Reasons Why You May Be A Tab-Aholic;

It Makes Me Work More Efficiently And Faster:

Well, there is a fundamental floor with this argument already. Having lots of tabs open on your computer actually makes your computer slower AND if you ever get the dreaded shutdown – you could end up losing what you have been working on.

In fact having that many tabs open often leaves you getting distracted by something flashing up on another tab (we all know you can get desktop WhatsApp now) and therefore end up not completing a task you were already doing

Top Tip Number One:

Turn WhatsApp off. Fact. Set yourself allocated times you will check it in the day – no-one needs to be online all the time!

Make a rule that if you are working on something that you only open tabs related to that task. Maximum of three.

3 simple steps tab free

I am Multi-Tasking and being More Productive:

Hmmmn. When you are jumping from tab to tab your brain is releasing dopamine receptors that are giving you the illusion that you are being more productive. Having multiple tabs open isn’t making you more productive, it’s actually just making you scatterbrained, thus decreasing your ability to remember any single piece of information.

You are effectively are making yourself believe you are being more productive than you are when in fact your are completing small bits of each task yet convincing yourself you are doing more.

Dozens of open tabs signify either procrastination on a truly epic scale or a chronic inability to focus on an immediate task at hand. Either way, it’s not the sign of someone working efficiently.

Top Tip Number Two:

Bring out the old faithful to do list. Set the task and the associated to-dos for that task and prioritise as you go through. If a pen and paper are too pre-historic for you there are some amazing online to do lists such as Wunderlist and Trello where you can work through your to do’s and set reminders to your phone and email.

I Get Stressed Out That I Will Forget Something:

Having lots of tabs open can make you too reliant on your memory rather than training yourself to be organised and tackle each day with a balanced approach.

The reason why this doesn’t work is if the dreaded RESTART or CRASH happens and your browser shuts down… what then. Your reliance on the tabs for your work and to do’s has now caused your stress levels to skyrocket. Thus coursing your body with stress hormones which will have a big impact on your body and frame of mind.

The memory is a wonderful thing and we need to rely on it more take us through the day. Plan effectively, execute accordingly and you will be able to approach each task with the energy required.

Top Tip Number Three:

Keep balanced at work. Work out your priorities for the day. You know the things you have to do by x time, the deadlines and then the other day to day bits. Once you start doing this you will begin a routine of being able to prioritise and tackle each task with 100% effort as it comes.

You can do anything not everything


  • Be kind to yourself, your computer and your stress levels and kill those tabs.
  • Plan effectively
  • Prioritise like a boss
  • Rely on that beautiful mind of yours to keep your day ordered

 You work hard, try to be at the best of your game, spend extra time reading/ learning/ researching, get celebrated for successes but still feel like you are a fraud? Fooling everyone around you? Having no faith that your decisions and convictions mean anything? You may have Imposter Syndrome.


Mid-Morning Snacks for the Office

It’s 11 o’clock and your stomach starts to grumble…what do you do?

Here is a list of healthy snacks which are my go-to to keeping hunger at bay and stress levels on point.

1. Water

Sometimes our minds do not know if our bodies are hungry or thirsty… before reaching for a snack – have a pint of water to quench your thirst. Easy Snacks for the Office!


2. Fruit

The super snack – fruit – tasty, easy to transport and satiate the smallest of grumbles. Easy Snacks for the Office!

Fruit Bowl

3. Nuts

Don’t reach for crisps! Nuts are packed with good fats and protein, nuts are a sustainable alternative to crisps and other junk.

Always choose raw varieties and keep an eye on quantity because of their high-fat content. Easy Snacks for the Office!


4. Muesli, Natural Yoghurt and Berries

This combo is a great alternative to cereal bars which are often packed with sugar.

Berries provide a shot of antioxidants and are powerhouses of vitamins. I use Spoon Cereals to make my life more stress-free but you can also make your own muesli from oats, nuts, dried fruit and seeds which you can bake in large quantities so you always have to hand. Easy Snacks for the Office!

5. A Cup of Soup

When water is blended with food it stays in the stomach longer and keeps you feeling full.

To make your own soften a mix of veg in a little oil, add water, simmer until tender and blend.

I recommend asparagus soup! Easy Snacks for the Office!


Take the stress out of snacking with these little tips.

For more healthy snacks click here: Nourish


What To Do When You Feel Anxious

Let’s face it – anxiety is a b*tch!

Well, that feeling of being ‘antsy’ or anxious.

We have all been there when that feeling sets in. Just lurking in the background. Niggling in your bones. Making your heart feel like it isn’t beating properly. The worst part of it all is I know a good night’s sleep would usually deal with the problem. But when you’re anxious – you wake up at 4 am and for some reason believe that is the right time to address your life issues.

As I said, I am no doctor, I can only speak from my experience.

I hope my little go-to’s, for dealing with what is quite frankly a sh**ty feeling, can offer a little support and advice.

Dealing with anxiety Sleep Cyncity Cyntra anxious


Yes, I know – sometimes the toughest days are just dealt with by a good nights sleep.

However, if you are like me, and find yourself waking up in the middle of the night and over-analysing everything, then a bed time ritual is in order.

  1. Make that bed – fluff those pillows – and make sure your bed is your boudoir ready to swallow you up whole
  2. Skip the carbs before bed. Have a protein filled dinner. Protein is brain food and soul food. Carbs are energy food and when you need to calm its best to stick to less.
  3. Essential Oils – get a room diffuser. I use this Room Diffuser it’s amazing. Then find the perfect blend of essential oils. Radha Essential Oil Blends Set has a different infusion for different moods. Play around see what suits you.
  4. Turn your phone off. Read a book. I find this is a solid way to settle into a good snooze.

If you do wake up in the night – do not worry – this can cause more anxious thoughts. Get up and have a glass of water. Pick up your book and have another read. DO NOT LIE IN BED AND OVER ANALYSE LIFE.

If you still cannot sleep then just accept its an early morning. Some of the best mornings I have had have started at 4 am – followed by a morning yoga session – a good breakfast and a head start on the day.

Dealing with anxiety Sleep Cyncity Cyntra anxious

Don’t Be Needy Of Loved Ones

When you feel anxious one of the things you would think is obvious is to reach out to your date/ other half/ partner. From my experience – don’t.

Yes from time to time it’s nice to get assurance from your loved one. However, if you do not get the response you want – it can spiral you even further in your antsy mood or even worse you take it out on them.

The only person you need assurance from is you. Get a pen and pad out and write down all the things you feel you are smashing at life. Then write down what is making you feel anxious. Then strategically look at if it is something you can fix and if you can’t – that’s ok. If you truly cannot fix it – why worry about it. It’s the logical answer to an illogical feeling.

But that is all it is – a feeling – it will pass.

dealing with anxiety brunch with friends anxious

Be Needy Of Friends

Haha, yes that is what they are there for. To put the world right over a glass of wine and listen to your crazies, make you laugh, enjoy some great food and know no matter what they are always going to be there.

Some of my friends have shared some of their inner most thoughts with me – and to be honest if I shared half of what I heard – we would think this world is full of psychopaths… and those are just my guy friends!

No, I jest but reach out to your inner circle. That is what they are there for and they will love you even more for your vulnerability.

Dance, sing, laugh, bbq, eat, watch movies or just engage in a good old catch.

It is incredible what your nearest and dearest can do for your soul.

YOU time

Do what YOU love. Whether that is smashing a gym session, going for a walk, having a facial, eating take away in front of a crappy movie or going shopping – just do it!

Sometimes a little bit of self-love and hanging out with the only person who has always got your back – YOU.

Go on indulge – take your mind off it and just enjoy yourself.

yoga fabletics cyntra cyncity

Getting Help

As I said I am no Doctor and when I refer to anxiety I am not referring to the condition just the state of feeling anxious. If you are seriously struggling or it goes on for more than a week – please make sure you speak to someone.